Any advice for Italian Expresso-September 2007

6 Jun 2007 Lovetotravel1 said

I am doing the Italian Expresso tour in September/October 2007 and have been seeing a lot of mixed reviews. It would be great to get some advice and opinions of this trip. I hope I picked the right tour for my first time to Italy and Europe!
  • 7 Jun 2007 Lovetotravel1 said


    Still curious about the bus trip to Venice..the stops that we make along the way, are these sight seeing opportunities?

    Traveling around Rome, how difficult is it?

  • 7 Jun 2007 Rachelh said


    I haven’t done this tour myself, though my sister has and she had a fantastic time!! This in-depth trip was a great way to really get to know Italy. When you book a camping trip that goes to several different countries you see a lot of different countries and cities but you don’t really get to know one country.

    I think this trip is a great way to see all the different areas/ cities of Italy…

  • 7 Jun 2007 Lovetotravel1 said


    My concern was from a post I read about Vatican City being cancelled and this man’s post said from now on it would be. Anyone aware of this?

    The bus stops on the way to Venice…are these just stretch breaks or is it a sightseeing opportunity?

    Also I am getting to Rome a day early, any suggestions how I should use my time so I can see as much as possible?



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