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24 Nov 2010 NunoMC said

Hi everyone! How are you?<BR>I'm new here, so sorry if I'm not asking about a new issue, but I really need to know: I'ver traveled out of my country (Brazil) and I intend to travel to England for one month, in next August. I want to travel more, but my money is restricted. But how you already know, it's hard to travel to another place and don't have at least a week just to know more places we can. So ask you: do you have a clue for me about a one-week travel in Europe? What places are nice to visit with small time? Anyway, I want some opinions about my plans... are they correct or do you think I have to do differently?<BR><BR>I'm waiting for your replies! Bye!
  • 24 Nov 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    Hope this helps nunomc Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->.

    It really depends on what sort of stuff you like and what you would like to get out of your trip.

    For example, if you want history and culture I would definitely say Italy or Greece. You can see a lot of ancient monuments, museums, etc etc, all over as well-Rome, Florence, Venice, and Athens in particular.

    If you’re wanting more of a summer/relaxing/beach/bar atmosphere then I’d definitely say one of the Mediterranean countries, ie France, Spain, Italy, Greece.

    If you’re wanting a bit of everything then France is the my number 1 pick for sure.

    Travel nunomc is a personal choice in my opinion..that’s what’s good about it. There is no right or wrong whatsoever. I think you’re plans are fine if they are what you want to do.

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