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Mexico Grande/Yucatan Highlights FEB 2013

21 Dec 2012 Explorer1213046 asked



Is anyone else planning on doing either of these tours?

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  • 21 Dec 2012 Explorer1182706 said


    Yeah, just got leave approved so hopefully it will be booked asap :)
    I was planning on taking another week after the trip to check out Belize or Guatemala.
    I am from Australia.

  • 21 Dec 2012 Explorer1213046 said


    Awesome! I’m actually just doing the Yucatan Highlights tour (second half of Mexico Grande) as I’ll be going to the US and Canada too. Which tour are you doing?

    I’m from Australia too, Sydney :)

  • 26 Dec 2012 Explorer1182706 said


    Nice, Iam now locked in to the Mexico Grande, with a few days in mexico city as well as a week to travel down to Guatemala afterwards (would be interested if anyone else is there a few days eitherside of the tour as well). I am guessing that the Yucatan Highlights is the business/party end of the trip!? haha

    Iam currently working out of Canberra, but have been to Sydney plenty of times.
    I somehow doubt we will be the only Aussies on this trip.


  • 27 Dec 2012 Explorer1213046 said


    That’s great! I’m going to arrive in Mexico City on Feb 7th night and will be in Cancun an extra day until Feb 15th. It would be great to meet up with people prior to the Yucatan tour starting (on the 9th) so I can get to know everyone and meld in better. So if you’re free on the 8th maybe we can meet up in the hotel lobby?

    Yea my brother did the Mexico Grande tour last year and said it was amazing, but the Yucatan half was definitely the party side :)

    Haha what a coincidence, I used to live and work in Canberra last year, and I have 2 brothers living and working there currently, so I visit Canberra a bit too :P And, I hope we get a few more Aussies (or anyone else for that matter) on this trip!


  • 29 Dec 2012 Explorer1182706 said


    Meeting up on the 8th should be fine, I am sure there will be a few of us from the mexico grande that would be keen to have a Corona with you then.
    Hah we have likely crossed paths already in Canberra, its too small :)
    my email –
    Iam assuming wifi is going to be readily avaliable over there.


  • 31 Dec 2012 Canadian Explorer said

    Canadian Explorer

    Hey guys!
    I’ve booked the Yucatan tour, I’m so excited! I’ve never gone solo on a trip before…getting from the airport in Mexico City to the Best Western makes me slightly nervous. I arrive Feb. 8th as well in the afternoon. Drinks in the lobby sounds perfect! I’ve booked myself until Feb. 16th. I’m from Manitoba, Canada. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

  • 1 Jan 2013 Explorer1213046 said


    Awesome another Yucatan person! I’m travelling solo, but I got my travel agent to book me a shuttle bus transfer from the airport to the Best Western hotel….maybe you should look into pre-booking a transfer too?

  • 1 Jan 2013 Canadian Explorer said

    Canadian Explorer

    Great suggestion, I’ll look into it… thanks!

  • 29 Jan 2013 Canadian Explorer said

    Canadian Explorer

    That was a great suggestion about the shuttle bus! My agent arranged a driver for me, cuz I arrive to Mexico City airport at 8:40 pm, Feb. 8th. Hopefully everyone will still be up for meeting in the lobby that day for drinks, I should arrive to the hotel around 9-9:30pm! 10 Days to go, I’m excited!!

  • 29 Jan 2013 Explorer1182706 said


    Definately up for meeting with u guys joining the tour on the 8th, unless of course we are out doing something, but then ar least u guys will be able to enjoy a margaritas together ;). I’m flying in to Mexico tonight for a few days exploring the city, pretty excited now. See u in the lobby on the 8th…Canadian explorern feel free to add me on FB if u have above.
    Safe travels

  • 30 Jan 2013 Explorer1213046 said


    No worries Canadian Explorer, glad I could be of assistance!

    I’ll be arriving at the hotel at around 9pm on the 7th of Feb, so I may run into some Mexico Grande people before the 8th night, but either way I’m still definitely up for meeting in the lobby on the 8th…and as Dave said, if the others are out, Canadian Explorer you and I can still meet up in the lobby :)

    Dave, have fun on your trip until we see you!

  • 3 Apr 2013 Mullan.Gráinne said


    Hey all,
    Me and two others are doing the Mexico Grande tour in June 2013 and it would be great if you could let me know what it was like, things to not miss out on or bring. We have booked an extra two night at the end of the trip in Cancun and can’t wait :)


  • 15 Apr 2013 Explorer1213046 said


    Hi Grainne,

    I can’t really say anything about the Mexico Grande tour as I only did the Yucatan half, but from hearing from the Mexico Grande people (who I later joined), that tour sounded amazing. The Yucatan Highlights tour, which is the latter half of the Mexico Grande tour, was incredible too. Cancun was the best part for me…it’s pretty much clubbing, shopping and chilling on the beach.

    The tour guide will pretty much take you to the places that should not be missed – like historical sites (e.g. Chichen Itza), restaurants and outdoor activity places (e.g. fresh water caves and Playa Del Carmen) – and will give you spare time to do your own thing too. But because you’re doing so much, it can take a real toll on your body and overall health – so my advice is to take some multivitamins with you! Also, try and brush up on your Spanish because not too many of the locals speak English well. Oh and don’t forget to tip!

    Hope this helps! You’ll have an awesome time, trust me ;)


  • 11 May 2013 Renee <3 said

    Renee <3

    Hi Everyone :)

    I am booked in to do Yucatan Highlights Departing 21/09/2013 .. it isnt yet a garanteed departure as we need more numbers, join on with us !!! :)


  • 12 May 2013 Mullan.Gráinne said


    Hey Roshini,
    Thanks for giving me all the info, this just makes me even more excited to get away, 4 weeks and counting now and we can’t wait and the vitimins will be packed ha! x

    Ah Renee we would love to be doing to be doing the Yuctatan Highlights also but unfortunatley with work we can’t get any more time off so maybe another time :)

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