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Berlin to Budapest - 23 January 2010

12 Aug 2009 knights988 said

Gday<BR><BR>Just looking for other people that are going on this tour. I'm going by myself and it would be good to chat to some others that are also going on this tour.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Adam
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  • 31 Aug 2009 Explorer1149580 said


    yeh i’m going on this tour from 23rd jan to 2nd feb the weather is gonna do my head in but if it snows that’ll be great!

  • 4 Sep 2009 knights988 said


    Hey Sez & ???

    Great to hear from you, yer i love the snow in europe. I was there in winter a couple of years ago, so fingers crossed we get some light snow.

    I’m from Western Sydney and 26 (27 by the time of the tour). Cant wait to get beack to prague. it was a great place to visit. where are you looking forward to going and do you have any other travel plans?



  • 7 Sep 2009 sezcat said


    I was there in Autumn a couple of years ago, and saw some snow. That was fun. Many snowball fights ensued Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> (I’ve also been to Europe once before, too, just for interest’s sake :P) Though a friend of mine last night informed me that when it gets below freezing it’s too cold for snow. That blew my mind, because clearly I associate cold weather with snow… crazy.

    I’m actually in Europe for 55 days all up, I’m doing a Topdeck tour to sort of see the sights and so on, staying with some family friends, having a few days in London then going on THIS tour, after which I will journey for ~3 weeks through Germany, visiting friends and being places I’ve not been before. Well, and places I have, but you know. FUN Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m very excited. Though pretty scared too, this will be my first trip alone!

    Do you have other travel plans? Do you work/ study/ not?

  • 8 Sep 2009 Gabriella said


    hi guys,
    im planning on coming on this contiki.
    im 19 from Melbourne, Australia.
    first time going to Euro and going on my own, so wouldn’t mind meeting some people before hand.

  • 12 Sep 2009 sezcat said


    Hey Gab Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 15 Sep 2009 knights988 said


    gday gab. how are ya.

    i’m starting my count down to leaving 100 days tomorrow.

    have you got any other travel plans gabriella?

    hay are any of you on face book, heres my email address:


  • 17 Sep 2009 Gabriella said


    hey Guys.
    I am very well thanks!
    well… im starting of in the Middle East, then spending a week in Berlin and then contiki!!!
    If there are still dollars i may think of heading to Thailand on the way back. how about you?

  • 22 Sep 2009 sezcat said


    Thailand would be lovely!

    Add me on Facebook –

  • 1 Oct 2009 FUNNY said


    Hi Everyone! Razzer<!--graemlin::p-->
    This is Gerard from Ireland. I am thinking of doing this tour! I have been on contiki before so any questions let me know. I am on facebook as well if u want to get in contact!


  • 4 Oct 2009 sezcat said


    Hey Gerard!
    Great to hear from you Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    This tour is now a definite departure, according to the website! Yay!

  • 20 Oct 2009 CaliBritt15 said


    hello all.

    i’ve just confirmed my place for berlin to budapest. so excited! this will be my 2nd contiki trip. (i did london & paris plus amsterdam in march). i’m 25 year old from nyc area, but living in la now.

    i’ve been to most of europe, but not to any of these cities on this tour so i’m really excited to see something new. can’t wait!


  • 5 Nov 2009 Abusedporter said


    Hi, I’m 26 and From Perth Australia. Seems to be a lot of Aussies going on this tour so far and I think we are all going to freeze! should be good fun though. Any tips on how to keep warm? considering I’ve never seen snow let alone been anywhere where the temp is below 5 degrees. I’ve heard layering is the best option?

    nice to see so many people booked in and ready to go, I thought it would have been harder to get enough people for a contiki tour in winter, I was wrong haha.


  • 19 Nov 2009 Bel said


    Hey guys…

    My name is Belinda and im 21. I just booked onto this contiki so im pretty excited. Currently living in London but from Sydney. This is my second contiki – they are awesome!

  • 21 Nov 2009 Ji said


    Hi guys,

    My name is Ji, 26. I now work in London but from China. I just booked the trip and this is my second trip with contiki too. Can’t wait to see you all in Berlin!

  • 27 Nov 2009 Stuart_RG said


    Hi all,

    I just booked the tour earlier today, really looking forward to it. I’m Stuart from Sydney, Australia. This will be my first time in Europe, first Contiki tour and first solo overseas trip as well, though I’m only going as far as Vienna. I heard when I was booking today that it is almost full. Any ideas on how many people will end up going?


  • 29 Nov 2009 GingerBradMan said


    Hey Everybody, Adam, John, Belinda, Sez, Ji, Gab, Britt, Stuart! My name is Brad and I am thinking of taking this tour, deciding in the next few days. I’m 37, a teacher from Dallas, so I’m not sure how excited y’all would be about having someone Old School with you, I’m definitely the Will Ferrel type. Razzer<!--graemlin::p--> Most of my friends are in their mid 20’s, and I am trying to decide between doing this trip by myself or going with y’all on the tour. I would rather have a group, that’s what makes traveling special, having someone to share it with, long after the experience is over.
    Right now the plan is to fly to Paris, spend 2-3 days there, go to Berlin a day early and stay an extra 2 days in Budapest before heading back to Paris and home. What do you think? You think you can hang with me? I will DEFINITELY drink y’all under the table! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 1 Dec 2009 sezcat said


    There are so many people on this tour on the forum! I’m also doing a Topdeck tour while I’m in Europe and there are only three of us that are on the forum despite the tour being nearly full! Crazy. Hi everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Brad… the more the merrier! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 2 Dec 2009 knights988 said


    Gday Everyone, hows things.

    Great to see so many people from different place coming on this tour. I’ve started my countdown some time ago 22 days to go until I fly out to Bangkok and Vietnam for 2 weeks and then on to Europe. I can’t wait to get back to Prague, I thought it was a great city. Just relaxed and plenty to see and also some great beers from memory.

    Hay brad I wouldn’t worry to much about age, I went on a tour a couple of years ago and there was a married couple around 34 I think and they got on with everyone fine. So as sez said the more the merrier.



  • 7 Dec 2009 Natalie said


    hey Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    i;m Natalie. my sister and i just booked this tour today. we will be on up till Vienna. Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> i can’t wait! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    we are both 20 and from NSW. this will be my first contiki tour Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 26 Dec 2009 JeremyW said


    G’day all,

    My name is jeremy i am 25 from newcastleaustralia and will be joining you all on the tour up til vienna. Heading to madrid and paris for a couple of days before the tour starts and also have an extra day at the end of the tour before returning home.

    3 weeks to go now, cant wait.

    see you all soon.


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