European Discovery hotels / Hairdryer?

14 May 2007 danielle82 asked

Ok so I am going on the European Discovery tour and am wondering if anyone has gone on this tour before and if they know about hair dryers in the hotels? I would love to not bring my travel hairdryer if the hotels have there own. Here is what I found out and what I need to find out... any help would be great:

Hotels with hair dryer acording to their site:

- Hotel Garden (Venice)
- Hottel Imperial (London) hair dryer on request
- Holiday Inn Munich Sud (Germany)
- Villa St. Dominique (Rome)
- Viva Hotel Fleming (Florence)
- Hotel Ibis Porte De Clichy (Paris, France)

*Note Hotel Fleming and Hotel Ibis have something like a dryer that gives heat but is not very powerful at all.

Hotels I am unsure off if they have hair dryers:

-Ibis Schiphol (Amsterdam)
- Hotel Winzerhaus (Rhine Valley, Germany)

Hotels that do not have hair dryers:

- Gasthof Ittererwirt (Austrian Tyrol)
- Hotel Lowengraben (Lucerne - Jail hotel)

Thanks, it would really make my bag lighter if I didn't have to bring my hair dryer.

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