Single Traveller To Australia

29 Dec 2012 Colin91 asked


Im thinking of doing 'The Big Walkabout starting in Darwin' in early 2014. From reading other questions there are alot of people who travel alone which is fine, but male to female ratio? I know each tour is different so you can’t exactly tell me what the ratio will be, but can anybody from previous experiences tell me what the average ratio on Australia tours are like.

If anybody can give any advice it would be great


  • 3 Jan 2013 RJ1817 said


    1.5 girls to every 1 guy

  • 8 Jan 2013 Colin91 said


    thats good to know. thanks

  • 4 Feb 2013 Birdie said


    The last tour I went on at the start we had 3 guys out of 25 people and all 3 were in a relationship and it wasn’t until we had been on the tour for a week and picked up the next lot of people adding onto the tour (because most smaller tours join onto the big ones) that we got a few more guys. At the peak of the tour we had 50 people and only 8 were guys.

    Then I went on another tour where I was one of only 15 girls out of 50 people.

    It is really dependent on the tour but most tours do have more girls than guys on them.

  • 27 Apr 2013 Z said


    for all of my contiki tours, it was a case of 3:1 girls to boys.



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