Stonehenge - between 10am-4pm? is there a tour?

10 Sep 2010 TravelBug79 asked

Hi,<BR><BR>I am looking to try and find a tour that we can do into stonehenge on our day or arrival before the contiki tour.<BR>Our flights get in around 6:45am so after customs and making our way to the hotel, we figure a departure around 9 or 10am would be doable, but we are hoping to be back in time for the 6pm dinner/meet and greet to kick off our tour.<BR><BR>Most tours I've found either leave between 7-8am or dont get back until 7pm.<BR><BR>Does anyone know if we can find something like this?<BR>OR is there a good way to do it ourselves? <BR><BR>Stonehnege is the main thing we want to see, but if theres one that includes bath ro surrounding places that fits in the time slot we'ed be open to it.<BR><BR>Thanks!
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    Im doing a tour early next month, and live near london. Im on euro magic from October 3rd.

    Stonehenge is just stonehenge. Theres no visitors centre. Its just the stones, and a car park next to it. (there are plans for a visitors centre but it keeps getting postponed).

    If you do a tour they will show you lots of other things to fill the day out, but if you just want to see the stones then most tours are probably not necessary. You could easily do it yourself.

    If you had a car its on the side of a major road, but assuming you wont have a car, then maybe best thing to do if you fancy seeing it independently is to get a train from london to salisbury. It takes about 1 hour 20 mins roughly from london waterloo station.

    Buses then run regularly from salisbury to stonehenge, or you could even get a taxi. It depends how many are in your group.

    Useful websites are:

    Train Times:

    A rail journey planner is:

    A train company, south west trains offers a joint rail ticket/tour ticket package. Look at:

    If you get the train to salisbury, the train stations in the middle of salisbury. Salisbury is a really small city, and if you have 30 mins/an hour after seeing the stones its well worth walking down and having a look. Its an old city, and the cathedrals really old. You cant miss the cathedral as it has one of the tallest towers for cathedrals in the country. Entry is free to the cathedral.

    Hope this helps you a bit.

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    couldn’t help but laugh and be reminded of Spinal Tap

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