The Metro

18 Feb 2008 Dave said

I did the European Getaway tour of London and Paris in August 2003. The hardest part of the tour was getting around. I was intimidated to use the metro on my own. I was afraid of getting lost and not being able to ask for help because of the language barrior. If I were to visit Europe again in the near future, are the subway maps as hard as they seem. All I saw were a lot of black lines and I was confused about where the lines take you and which trains to get on. Does anybody else agree? Do the metro lines work similar to the subways in New York City?
  • 19 Feb 2008 Briar said


    The Metro can be a little scary….i was terrified actually, lol…Just remember ONLY USE THE LETTERS! if you get on a number line…you will end up outside Paris somewhere. I went to France in 2006, and before my trip i got a copy of the Metro map, and i would test myself saying ‘ok, if i start at Gallien (we were told our hotel and it was just above that metro line) how do i get to…the eifle tower, or Pigale or some other place’ at least once a week for about 2 or 3 weeks our group (it was a school trip so we all did it together) we would do this exercise, and it really helped when we got to France. We had 4 days in Paris, and got a Carte Orange it was still a little confusing, and a little scary but because we were at least a little bit familiar we could always figure out how to get back. as long as you stay on the letters, you should always be able to find your way back.

    Hope that helped



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