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Who's going on the European Escapade Tour June 27?

11 Jan 2013 hollienash asked


I can't wait for this tour to begin! 10 countries in 27 days, it's going to be so fun :) Even though this is my first Contiki tour, I'm going solo! I'm also hoping to extend my stay in Europe and attend Tomorrowland. Anyone else going on this tour on this date? Or anyone who has been on this tour have any recommendations on what to pack, how much money I should bring, etc??
much love!

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  • 11 Jan 2013 Sarah said


    Hey, me and 2 of my friends are going and we will be arriving in London on the 24th and staying there for the few days before the tour starts. Hoping we get tomorrow land tickets we will be staying in Belgium then afterwards flying home from Amsterdam. I havet been to Europe before this is our first time too. So excited. Paying for flights tonight. Where are you from?

  • 11 Jan 2013 hollienash said


    I’m thinking of leaving a little early as well just in case of flight delays or whatnot. Plus, it would be awesome to have a few extra days in London! I’m constantly looking at the Tomorrowland’s website for tickets, so hopefully i’ll manage to get one! I would have liked to travel with a friend, but none of my friends are able to go unfortunately, but i’m sure I’ll meet some great people :) I’m from Canada! I’ve never been to Europe yet either but I’ve only heard good things!!

  • 11 Jan 2013 Sarah said


    Yeah it’s a shame we don’t spend more time there. A fried recommended a hostel to stay at for the few days before that’s only $40 a day and it really popular with people going on contiki. I’ll have to check what the name is but if you’re interested I can give you more details and you can hang out with me and my friends if you’re coming to London early. I keep checking the website too but still there’s no info, I really want to go!!

  • 11 Jan 2013 hollienash said


    A hostel would be the best bet i would say! I’m planning on exploring London while i’m there, so it doesn’t really matter where I stay, as long as it’s safe. Thanks, that’s really nice of you..i’d definitely like some information!!

  • 11 Jan 2013 Sarah said


    Yeah we want to explore London too. It’s called the generator hostel London. There are heaps of places I want to see over there. I’ve also had really good feedback from the generator, it’s safe, clean and cheap.

  • 3 Feb 2013 AAB90 said



  • 11 Feb 2013 Brittany said


    Hey future Contikiers! I did this tour last Summer May 31st to June 25th and i am now living in Paris. I also went to Tomorrowland and i am planning on going again this year. It was Epic!! goodluck on getting tickets everyone ;) If any of you have questions i am happy to answer them as i know i had 1000000 before i left. I can say that doing this tour was the best and most amazing time of my life! and I am still in contact with almost everyone from my tour we are like a big family now! So crazy!!!! So any questions fire away and ill answer them! Enjoy & im super jealous!!!! Britt x

  • 19 Feb 2013 hollienash said


    Thanks for the post, Brittany! I can’t wait to go on this tour! It’s going to be so amazing. I do have a few questions :) I know there are a lot of discussions about how much money to bring and what to pack (since we’re only allowed one piece of luggage) but what are your suggestions? Did you do any optionals? If so, are they worth it or would you recommend/not recommend any in particular? What was your favourite country you visited?

  • 19 Feb 2013 Brittany said


    Hi! Yes money and luggage were my two biggest things… ill try to help lol…
    Luggage- I took a blackwolf 75L backpack. I knew i would be doing much more travel in Europe and it really done beat having a suitcase. Some people had trouble the stairs and wheels falling off ect. due to the way the streets are over here. The one massive plus about a suit case would be packing it when hungover is 10000000 times eaiser! Iwas having to roll things ect. and my friends just shoved things in and sat on it haha. It was about half and half for backpacks V suitcases. Now when it comes to Carry on (they let you have one bag on the bus) i took a Sportsgirls duffel bag and it was fine! actually amazing lol!! Other people just had like a school backpack thing. THEY DO WEIGH YOUR BAG!!! DO NOT GO OVER 20kgs!!!!!! ANYTHING HEAVY YOU HAVE PUT IT IN YOUR CARRY ON ITS NOT WEIGHED!!
    Spending money- Look to be honest I dont even know how much I spent and I never want to check haha! The tour is about 3 weeks and i would give yourself about $500 aussie a week if you want to do things like shopping ect. I spent a bit more somedays then others. they say $50 a day or something but most people spent way more then that! You just end up going crazy in the Contiki bubble. I did make the mistake of not checking my account the whole trip…..
    Optionals- I think i did all of them except for mozart but i needed an afternoon off (we ended up drinking in the bar at the hostel). The extras do cost you a bit so budget for them they are so worth it! made my trip what it was!!!
    And remember make a good first impression you are going to be with these people 24/7 for 25 days you become a family! and you will most likely be friends with most of them for years to come! We are having a reunion in April to all catch up!
    Hope this helps and sorry if i wrote to much… remember wear protection! xx

  • 20 Feb 2013 hollienash said


    Thanks so much for the info, much appreciated :-) I think I’ll prob bring a suitcase, but i can’t believe you can’t go over 20kgs lol.. I’m not usually a light packer..but i guess i’m going to have to deal with it!!
    I feel the same way about the money thing..i’m probably not going to want to look in my account after it’s all over but yeah i just wanted a ball park estimation lol.
    That’s awesome that all you guys are so close and already planning a reunion! Makes me feel a little better about travelling solo.
    Oh and one more question…what did you wear most days? Like shorts and a tank? Was it more casual or dressy most days? I guess it depends on the occasion..

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