Wifi in Europe?

17 Jan 2013 courtneyevans91 asked


I was just wondering what it's like trying to use wifi in Europe? Are there many places to go with wifi? Also do the buses have wifi now?

  • 17 Jan 2013 Megan said


    A LOT of places in Europe do have free wifi – sometimes it isn’t very fast or reliable, but it works well enough. Our hotel in Rome didn’t have free wifi but a cafe across the street did, so when I needed to use it, I’d just walk over there. I actually only brought my cell phone to use the internet, I didn’t bother with a SIM card or anything, so wifi is how I communicated with my family (via email, facebook, or skype). To be honest, you won’t have much time to sit around and get on the internet anyway, you’re pretty much busy constantly! :) Contiki is putting wifi on all of their coaches in 2013, so by the end of the year, all of them should have it available. It won’t be free though, you’ll have to pay for it.



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