Sydney Hotel - Bridge to Reef Sept 10

16 Aug 2009 ashley_h said

Important Question ...<BR><BR>I am just going over my travel docs for my upcoming trip to Sydney and I have three different hotels listed on the Contiki docs.<BR><BR>In the "Your Tour Documents" the travel Voucher refers to Chifley Potts Point, then the Hotel Accomodation Voucher refers to the Holiday Inn Potts Point, and then on the Itinerary & Optional Excursions it refers to the Travelodge Hotel Sydney.<BR><BR>I am confused. Can anyone set this straight for me?<BR>Thanks.
  • 17 Aug 2009 Explorer1146227 said


    hi ashley,

    holiday inn potts point is the current hotel in sydney via contiki. earlier, it was the chifley. they have moved last month to the holiday inn.

    kind regards

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