Ipad and Laptop over Latin America

24 Jan 2013 HarelT asked


Is it a wise idea to bring expensive electronics such as an ipad or laptop in order to have an accessible wifi device on the road and not be limited to internet cafes and computers at the hotel reception? really appreciate any advice! thanks :)

  • 25 Jan 2013 LukeM said


    hey!! im going on the explorer next month, 8th feb. bought a samsung galaxy tablet yesterday for this reason. definitely wanted to be able to access internet etc but didnt want to bring my laptop as its just a bit too big and at bigger risk of getting damaged. so spent $300 for peace of mind.

    In terms of security, there’s always going to be that risk and at the end of the day if there’s something you’re that worried about getting stolen, don’t bring it. I need my laptop for uni, and wouldn’t feel comfortable risking it. But friends and family who travel always say if you dont have a computer (of some sort) you’ll regret the convenience of it. :)



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