Anyone doing the Italian Espresso Aug 2, 2013?

5 Feb 2013 bec_traveliss asked


Hi everyone :)
I'm considering the Aug 2-10th, 2013 Italian Espresso for my first Contiki Tour, and I'll be going solo, so I'm a little nervous....Anyone else going on this tour?? I already have my heart set on this trip and can see myself there! I didn't want to pick a too long/too short of a tour for my first time, but I plan on extending it a couple days at the beginning and end to see some extra things, so I hope it works out.

  • 30 Apr 2013 henry said


    Haha yea hopefully! I’m excited to see what night life Italy has!

  • 1 May 2013 kdelgado100 said


    Nice to meet you too Henry and Riley. I hope they take into consideration all of that too Riley. I also want to be able to party and not disturb my roommate! No sleeping during the entire trip lol

  • 3 May 2013 henry said


    Lol I’m planning on having most of my sleep on the bus that’s for sure



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