Advice on Egypt

6 Feb 2013 Yorkshire_Traveller asked


Hi Guys

I really want to do the Egypt and Nile trip in October or November this year but i am a bit worried with all the conflicts and riots that keep kicking off. I was wondering if any one had any advice or experience? Should i be worried if i booked and what Insurance should i take out?
This will be my 2nd contiki trip and id love to do another this year. South America was awesome :)

Thanks in advance

  • 2 Mar 2013 juana1010 said


    I have never done the tour, but knowing what is going on there, I don’t recommend going. It is not very safe, particularly if you happen to be a woman. Also, insurance typically will not cover you if your trip is interrupted or cancelled because of war or terrorism, for example.

    I suggest choosing another tour. I did the Turkey tour and it was wonderful. It was off the beaten path, and a little exotic, without being unsafe or uncomfortable.

  • 5 May 2013 Reggie said


    Hmmm…i’m a bit worried now too. Im going in July this year.

    I’ve only made a hold on the booking and have 7 days to pay the deposit…Hmmm!



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