The best time to go to Europe for Americans???

11 Sep 2007 Jamie62477 asked

Hi, I want to go on another Contiki in the next year or so. I'm wondering what is the best time to go to Europe. I am luck to be a teacher so I do get some time off. I have all of June and July off as well as a week for spring break and sometimes close to two weeks for Christmas. Just wondering if any Americans have ever gone on a tour at different times of the year and what was the best time: spring, winter or summer? (During the fall I have no breaks. If it helps any, I will only be able to go on the shorter tours..between 10-15 days....20 woudl be pushing it....<BR><BR>I'm thinking about either going on: <BR>London Paris<BR>London Paris Rome<BR>London Paris Amsterdam<BR>Simply Italy<BR>Road to Athens<BR><BR>Thanks for your advice....



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