big messenger bag or small camera case?

9 Feb 2013 nkicroft asked


help! i want to get a new bag for my trip to europe this summer (european magic, june 28!). i am wanting to get a nice leather bag, but i'm a bit stuck on the size.

i'll be bringing my dslr with my 28mm lens. i might possibly bring my 50mm too, but not sure if i should (any tips about that as well?).

i'm currently trying to decide between two bags:

the messenger is 17"x11"x6" and 3lbs. the camera bag is 10"x6"x5.5" and 2.85lbs.

if i get the messenger i can carry around my camera plus anything else i want on me... phone, water bottle, maps, sunscreen, book, whatever else. if i get the camera bag, my camera's pretty much all i'll be carrying. my hubby will be going with me on the trip so in theory i could just have him carry anything else i might want while we're walking around, but what do you all think? should i take the bigger messenger so i can carry everything on me for sure, or is it better to have the smaller bag? when they're empty they're almost the same weight, so i suppose it's really a matter of convenience and of what will work best on the europe trips!

or, do any of you know of an in-between size leather bag? :D it's been tough trying to find one that's at least 5" deep!

thanks everyone~



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