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visas for laos and cambodia

12 Nov 2009 Explorer1156887 said

I am doing asian adventure in feb/10. is everyone getting their visas before departure or is it better to get it when you arrive in the countries? It seems so much more expensive to apply for them before hand.
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  • 21 Dec 2009 Explorer1161125 said


    The only visa that you are required to get is the Vietnam one before you leave, the Cambodia and Laos ones can be obtained on entry (says the Laos Embassy in Australia). Thailand does not require a visa.

  • 5 Jan 2010 ClaireB said


    I’m planning on doing the Asia Adventure in May/June this year so have just been looking into Visas. They’re each about $45 + postage via registered mail. They’re valid for 3 months from issue date. Visas for Thailand aren’t required for people travelling on an Australian passport.

    You can find out all you need to know at:

    Hope that helps and have a great trip! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 4 Mar 2010 Smitts_09 said


    You will pay extra if you get your visas prior because of all the postage-& it can take awhile for the embassies to issue them back to you.

    You need the Vietnam one beforehand, but Cambodia & Laos you can get them upon arrival – and all the prices were set and posted where we arrived anyway so corruption and whatnot shouldn’t be a problem.

  • 24 Jul 2010 AmandaW said


    We got our visas on entry to Laos and Cambodia and paid a lot less than people that had got them before the trip. The tour guide and local guides were great when helping us do this at the border. I was also told to be careful when getting them before hand if you dont know the exact entry placeinto the country! It wasnt an issue for us not having them before hand!

  • 5 Aug 2010 sunsetfiesta said


    get them there, you have to wait anyway for the other people to get ther visas so you don’t do yourself any favours. plus you save alot of money that way.

  • 21 Aug 2010 SteveG said


    You can get a Laos visa and Cambodia visa before your trip online with Rushmore Visas service.

  • 24 Sep 2010 Whitney said


    I have just booked for the Big Indochina Adventure next year. My Travel agent advised to get Vietnam before you go, but Laos & Cambodia can be purchased when you get there

  • 9 Oct 2010 littlegremlin82 said


    I am one of these people who likes to be organised before i go and not have to hope the border guards are in a good mood on the day. Had no trouble getting visas sorted here in Australia and they were not expensive. Both Laos and Cambodian cost $45 AU. If you are in Canberra as I am, you can drop them off. The Cambodian one only took two days. Laos, you can pay extra ($60 total) to have it done faster. you don’t need one for Thailand Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 21 Dec 2010 Explorer1157735 said


    Do people have any experience getting the e-Visas for Cambodia?

  • 23 Dec 2010 Smelliot88 said


    bro just get it on the border, its 20USD regardless of whether the border people are ‘in a good mood’ or not. It’s international policy, it’s 20USD standard on the border.

  • 19 Jan 2011 cpquin said


    You can get them ahead of time or at the border. Its cheaper at the border. But to get them ahead of time you’ll need a pair of passport sized photos for each visa.

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