Greek island adventure may 2013 anyone ?

12 Feb 2013 Mick asked


Anyone else doing the Greek island adventure in may 2013 ?

  • 14 Feb 2013 Good87 said


    Planning Defiantly! So what made you pull the Trigger? I got 3 buddys of mine tagging along and were all military, We kind of figured itll be a little more cheaper and comfortable with out the schedules and what not but then again that comes with the con of not knowing where we are, what to do, where to go, how to speak they’re language, etc. We’re Defiantly discussing the Contiki Tour.. Have you ever been through Contiki? This might be a little immature to ask but what are the Female/Male ratio? got 4 Vets looking to have a Good time but.. preferably with a good ratio of Females!

  • 12 Apr 2013 Sofya said


    Good87 hehe female/male ratio – good time…lol…i see i see

    Mick – are you going May 24th? I’m going to that one.


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