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Tips for Picky Eaters

26 Jan 2010 movie@girl.mp3 said

I know you're out there. Sure, everyone knows about culture shock but what they forget about is little things you may take advantage of back home. <BR>So, off the top of my head, I'll let you know some things to expect in Europe in order to help you not waste money on things you won't eat. <BR><BR><B>Pop</B> If you live in North America you are accustomed to two things regarding your pop/soda. Firstly, that it comes with ice. Secondly, that free refills are god's gift to diners. Unfortunately in Europe you will rarely if ever get ice unless you ask (and if you do it's usually not real ice, it's slushy ice) and you almost NEVER get free refills. Usually the menu will specify but always ask first. <BR><BR><B>'Free' Food</B> I have often found when eating at restaurants in Europe, especially in Italy, that they like to bring you munchies like bread before your meal. I am accustomed to this, because I live in a country where I'm pretty sure it's a law to serve free bread to diners while they wait. If you think like this too you will be very surprised when your bill comes. Another thing to watch out for is water. Before they fill your glass, always ask if it is free. <BR><BR><B>Pizza Toppings</B> If you are a pepperoni pizza lover beware ordering without a picture. You will usually end up with a pizza covered in peppers. I'm not even kidding. Always check and see if it's actual pepperoni, or if there's a picture. If not, I would suggest ham or sausage will be the closest you get. <BR><BR><B>Croissants</B> If nothing makes you happier than a nice butter croissant be careful because Europeans like to make them with lemon. There's nothing worse than anticipating a nice, warm butter croissant and finding out after you've paid that it is lemon. Chances are if it's got sugar or frosting on it it's lemon. Once again, always ask. If they don't understand, I would recommend not getting it and carrying on with your life. <BR><BR><B>Water</B> If you are buying a water bottle make sure it's not sparkling water. Personally, I think sparkling water takes like ass. I could be dying of thirst and still will not drink it. So always make sure it's natural spring water. Unless you like sparkling water in which case go nuts. Now, on a slightly more pleasant note, there are lots of water fountains throughout Rome (and Sicily). If you want to save money buy a water bottle and just keep filling it up all day because the water is 100% safe to drink. It's cool, for the most part, so its refreshing. <BR><BR>So that's all I can think of right now. Hopefully this helps. Probably not. But at least you've been warned.
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  • 26 Jan 2010 G3mmalina said


    The reason why you get peppers on your pizza when you ask for pepperoni is because in Italy and a lot of continental Europe ‘peperoni’ (Italian) or Peperone is the common word for types of capsicum including bell peppers.
    The American style Pepperoni or hot salami that you want in Italy is salame piccante or salamino piccante.
    Hope this helps for next time Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Feb 2010 jen :) said

    jen :)

    lol, i agree with all of the above and have had similar experiences last summer. especially the bread thing, pissed me off. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

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