Check in Travel Lodge...

19 Aug 2008 Oz5581 said

Does anyone know if we are able to check in early at the travel lodge in Sydney? Or at least be able to keep my luggage there? I will be arriving early (about 730am or so on Sat Sept 6th) from the U.S. The website says that check in is at 2pm. Thanks!
  • 20 Aug 2008 Oz5581 said


    Thank you so much! That helped alot. I can’t wait to leave… just 2 weeks now. Was it pretty easy to get to the travel lodge? I was planning on taking the subway/railway to get there. I am a little nervous about the plane ride but I’m sure it will be ok. How was it? Thanks for the info!

  • 22 Aug 2008 Oz5581 said


    Yep I am leaving from L.A. I am flying from Boston to L.A. to Sydney so pretty close to the same flight! A nice 20 hours of flying time! I am hoping to sleep (although I don’t sleep well on planes I am going to try to get a little something to help from my Dr). At least I will be able to stay busy if anything else. Sounds pretty easy to get to the Travelodge. Thanks for you help. I appreciate it!



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