2010 London to Athens 4th July 2010 Departure

20 Oct 2009 Tanni88 said

Hi Myself and a friend are going to book this contiki tour, let us know if anyone else is thinking about doing it!
  • 14 Nov 2009 Kayleigh88 said


    Heyyy! I’ve booked my contiki for this tour but im leaving the 5th of August instead … cant wait!!

  • 23 Nov 2009 lozza2277 said


    yes I am planning on going to the contiki 4th july 2010! I am travelling alone so im abit nervous, where bouts you from?

  • 22 Dec 2009 jenza475 said


    Hey! I’m planning on doing this trip as well, and will be travelling by myself. I’m 22 and coming from Canada

  • 5 Jan 2010 Blonde Aussie Chick said

    Blonde Aussie Chick

    Yes im going also, 4th of July, so excited…just checked in for it on the Contiki Website YAY x

  • 6 Jan 2010 Jessica3001 said


    YAY!! Me and 3 other girlfriends are doing this tour too!!
    Where are you all from? I’m from Sydney

  • 6 Jan 2010 Blonde Aussie Chick said

    Blonde Aussie Chick

    yay im from Newcastle, but living in the uk at the moment, i have 3 other girlfriends doing the trip also Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Jan 2010 Memo11 said


    Hey! I’m looking into this trip also. First time traveling to Europe – coming from Texas, United States.

  • 18 Jan 2010 Tanni88 said


    Wow i havn’t checked the forums in ages so I thought I would check. Well im from Sydney as well Jessica3001

    Where else is everyone from?

    Can’t believe it’s finally less than a year till going to Europe, now I should probably let the bosses know I will be MIA for a whole month. Wish me luck Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 26 Jan 2010 Sarah23 said


    hi guys im form sydney i have book my contiki tour with my cousin and friend jess cant wait look forward to meeting you guys and hope to chat to you before then

  • 27 Jan 2010 Jessica3001 said


    Tanni no matter if your boss approves or not..your coming!! LOL

    where abouts in Sydney you from?

    Only really 5 months left!!

    Explorer 1166829 its me jess!! yay!! we will have to get chris to join!

  • 27 Jan 2010 Sarah23 said


    hey hun i thought it was you i wrote a msg on your facebook i feel so stupid

  • 27 Jan 2010 Jessica3001 said


    hahaha its all good, as soon as i saw the msg i knew it was u lol

  • 28 Jan 2010 Lizzer007 said


    Hello. I’m going on this trip except mine stops in Rome, but I was told it’s the same tour. I’m a bit confused though because on the calendar it says July 2 departure but I see people posting July 1 or July 4. Anyways I think we might be on the same tour. I’m also going solo from Los Angeles and this is my first trip to Europe Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 3 Feb 2010 Carl1984 said


    Hey guys me and a mate just reserved spots on the 4th July tour. Cant wait to party with everyone!

    If anyone is interested in getting to know the people we’re travelling with I can make a facebook group for this tour. my email is


  • 4 Feb 2010 Tanni88 said


    Hey Jessica3001 im live in Southern suburbs….so like Hurstville area?? well anyways its about 30 minutes outside of Sydney CBD….what about yourself?

    Hey Carl, a facebook group would be pretty awesome…let me know if you make one or not.

    cant wait to see the sights….

  • 5 Feb 2010 Carl1984 said


    Just made a fb group. Add me on facebook and i can invite ya. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 14 Feb 2010 DawnB said


    Hey everyone,

    My husband and I just booked this tour yesterday! Were from Canada (Alberta).
    Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • 14 Feb 2010 Jessica3001 said


    Tanni I live in Liverpool, so 30mins west of Sydney CBD.

    Everybody join facebook! Add me too. My name is Jessica Cameron Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Mar 2010 DawnB said


    Turns out we are on a diffrent tour than you guys, ours doesn’t leave London until the 6th….Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 3 Jun 2010 Lisa90 said


    Heyyy I just booked on monday! cant wait. I leave for canada next week then im coming to Europe by myself.

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