Restrooms in Europe

16 Jul 2006 CJB said

Hello,<BR><BR>I'm not sure if this topic has been covered on this site - but I'm curious (especially since I keep hearing stories). Can anyone please shed some light or answer the following:<BR><BR>1) Do you have to pay to use the restrooms (ie/at pubs, restaurants, public ones...)?<BR><BR>2) Should one travel with their own toilet paper? I've been told that some places don't give you enough<BR><BR>3) Are they fairly clean? I'm assuming they are since they have attendants but a friend of mine said she was a decent restaurant in Rome and when she went to use the restroom it was basically a hole in the ground...<BR><BR>4) Do the ladies' facilities have containers to dispose their feminine products?<BR><BR>Any information will be greatly appreciated...<BR><BR>Thanks!



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