Questions about the camping trips?

18 Feb 2013 Dan asked


I am thinking about doing the Easy Rider, or the Expedition. And i am not sure how i feel about camping, how does the shower/hygene work out with this? also is it still a party atmosphere within cities or is it usually around the camp. also how does washing your clothes work? i went on a tour once for 18 days and they had nowhere for us to wash our clothes for the entirety of the trip. Any other input anyone has would be greatly appreciated! thank you. Also if i dont go on a camping trip my other choice is the European Horizon.

  • 19 Feb 2013 BrookemarleySA said


    Hi I have not yet gone on a trip, but I am planning to do the easy rider next year, I rang contiki and they said hey have coin opperated washing machines at alot of the campgrounds that you stay at and that there are shower/toilet blocks everywhere you stay. hope this helps :-)



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