Great Britain and Ireland July 17

19 Feb 2013 Jenice asked


Hey there!
Is anyone else going on this trip? I just booked, this is my first time traveling solo and with contiki. I'm really excited! Massage me if you're going. :)

  • 23 Feb 2013 Matthew Lyall said

    Matthew Lyall

    Hey there. Nice to meet you! Yes I’m heading on this trip aswell. I can’t wait I reckon its going to be fantastic. I’m really looking forward to Scotland. This is my first trip overseas trip so that makes it a little bit more special. :)

  • 4 Mar 2013 Jeghetereline said


    Hello :) I’m also going to do this tour ^^ Departing July 9 from London. So much looking forward to it, especially to Ireland <3
    Anyone else going July 9?



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