European encounter or the expedition

22 Feb 2013 Megan asked


Need help deciding which tour I should go on! They both look so good and I can't decided about whether I would prefer camping or a time out tour. This is my first time with contiki and I'm travelling alone (age 20).

  • 22 Feb 2013 Sonduren said


    I looked at both these 2, first time 22 going solo, but I went with the European whirl goes to the best cities with nice sights across europe

  • 1 Apr 2013 Mathieu said


    go with the european encounter. especially the one on july 10 2013 lol. it has great cities and you will be in town in a hotel, not on the outside of town in a camp ground. Plus you get to spend 2 days in the best cities. Also if you want, you can always add days or another tour to your stay. For example, I am adding an additional 3 days at the end of the tour to stay in london seeing as the euro encounter tour is only staying there for one night.

  • 15 May 2013 Chloe said


    Hey, have you booked your tour yet????

  • 15 May 2013 Mathieu said


    Yep. Euro encounter july 10th 2013.

  • 16 May 2013 Megan said


    I have, European Encounter on the 26th June



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