European Highlights - Luggage Requirements

23 Feb 2013 Sam asked


Hi all

I'm doing my first Contiki tour in July this year and had a question regarding the dimension requirements of luggage. I currently own a 80L backpack which I was hoping to use on this trip (as I will be backpacking for a month after the tour). Just wondering how strict the dimension requirements are for a Contiki tour? Does it vary based on the tour manager's discretion? I have no doubts my bag will be less than the 20kg requirement however it might be slightly bigger than the 73x50x25 dimensions listed.

Naturally I would like to avoid having to purchase another backpack considering how expensive they are!


  • 2 Mar 2013 juana1010 said


    I have never seen anyone measure someone’s luggage so if you are a little over, no one will notice. However, if you bag is extremely heavy or it is obviously bigger than the measurements, then you may have some problems.

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