Exchange rates?

25 Apr 2008 Jono asked

Hi anyone, is there any justification before i leave to europe to exchange aussie dollars to pounds first and when i get to london exchange pounds into euros if it gives more or should i just exchange my money first into euros before i leave? thanks
  • 27 Apr 2008 Katie Teasdale said


    Hi Jono, From my experience the best way to exchange your money is to get a travellex card from your bank or travel agent in australia dollars you can use this at any ATM in Europe and it’ll convert the exchange rate over for ya..As you’ll have a couple different times of money over there..hope this helps.

  • 27 Apr 2008 princess19 said


    personally i say no.. reason being….

    In the US when you exchange money they ALWAYS charge you some service fee.. so i lose money transferring my US dollars into something else. Then im going to be charged a second fee when I exchanged my Euros (in my case) to whatever the currency was of the place i was going. Then if i exchanged too much and ended up with left over money at the end i was going to have to pay a 3rd time to change it back to USD.

    I found it to be much easier to just exchange my USD when i found a decent exchange rate and needed more foriegn currency or pull it out of the ATM when need be (just be careful when doing that you can end up broke if you dont keep track).



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