London and Paris 8 Days time for other stuff

23 Feb 2013 Wontastic asked


I'm going on the 8 day London-Paris tour and I want to see a bunch of things that are at specific dates and times. For example the Harry Potter WB tour which is 3 hours and has to be booked far in advance. And the Moulin Rouge. How do I know when to book these for so they don't over lap with the tour specific stuff?

  • 31 Mar 2013 Rachel said


    what dates are you going on? I already booked my trip

  • 1 Apr 2013 Wontastic said


    I’m going mat 17-24. You?

  • 1 Apr 2013 Rachel said


    I’m going 24th- 31st…

  • 2 Apr 2013 Rachel said


    I wouldn’t mind also doing the Moulin Rouge.. I would pass on the Harry Potter exhibit though

  • 8 May 2013 lydiawpatel said


    Moulin Rouge seconded

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