Mobile Phone Networks in USA.. What is best?

26 Feb 2013 Lisa asked


Just wondering what mobile carriers everyone has used while in America? I am doing the Grand Southern and I plan on getting a SIM card when I am over there and putting it into my smart phone from home (australia) and what phone company everyone else has used and what would be best. Any help from anyone would be SUPER :)

Thanks in advance :)

  • 2 Mar 2013 juana1010 said


    Verizon Wireless tends to have the best service all over the U.S. This is particularly important if you are traveling to smaller cities or to more rural areas. If you are planning on being mainly in large cities, like NYC or Los Angeles, then you could probably use any cell phone provider because you will always have service if you are in a large city.

    Also note that a lot of cities have free WIFI now, particularly in cafes, museums, parks, and other public places.

  • 5 Mar 2013 Lisa said


    Thank you Juana :)

  • 6 Mar 2013 Kathleen said


    Hi, I’ve been researching this same question…. I’m looking into getting a prepaid t-mobile simcard.



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