Egypt & The Nile 20th April 2013 - Booked & Paid!

26 Feb 2013 nerdyfitbean asked


Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to booked and paid for my 1st ever Contiki! Egypt & The Nile on 20th April 2013. I'm from Singapore, will be traveling solo-dolo :D this time and flying in 2 days early, a whopping 13 hours flight!
Am sure it's going to be worth it! I have spoken to Contiki’s representative in the latest travel fair here in Singapore, I sorta had their words of reassurance that the places we going to be visiting is not going to be affected by the protest/ strike. Things have been blown up by proportion by the media, guess they just need something to write about…. to fill media space, oh well.
Anyone going on this date 20th April, do say hi and let's start some discussion/ plan/ get to know :D



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