Spanish Spree July 1, 2013

27 Feb 2013 Hels_Yea :) asked

Hels_Yea :)

Anyone out there doing the Spanish Spree on this date? Travelling Solo, would love to meet peeps!

  • 11 Mar 2013 #traveler said


    spanish spree July 1st! cant wait, going solo!

  • 27 Apr 2013 Andrea said


    im going as well CANT WAIT!!! but im not traveling solo…. not long to go!!
    where are you guys from?

  • 30 Apr 2013 Ruby said


    Hey! I’m going on this tour by myself aswell! excited:) what day do you guys land in Madrid?

  • 1 May 2013 Hels_Yea :) said

    Hels_Yea :)

    Hey Ruby! I’m solo too! I get into Madrid on the 1st. When are you getting there?
    Anyone else flying with qantas via London on the 30th of June?

  • 1 May 2013 Ruby said


    I think I arrive on the 30th? I’ll have to double check:) And no, I’m Flying from Melbourne! Gonna be a loooooong flight for me haha

  • 1 May 2013 Hels_Yea :) said

    Hels_Yea :)

    I’m flying out from Melbourne too! I fly out on the 30th arrive 1st in Madrid..

  • 1 May 2013 Andrea said


    hey i arrive on the 30th too and also departing melb, who are you flying with, will be so cool if we are on the same flight :)



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