Is the Aegean classic boat nice

2 Jul 2006 Wnn said

Hi.&nbsp; Right now I am looking into going to Greece with my sister - we are going back and forth between the Aegean classic and Spotlight on Greece ... the Aegean classic looks great but my only concern is the actual cruise ship.&nbsp; Has anyone out there already been on this tour?&nbsp; What's the boat like, is it decent ... I read some reviews on the web for the cruiseline Contiki uses, and they weren't so great, ones where people say the ship is dark and smells musty, that sort of thing.&nbsp; Okay, so if anyone has any advice actually on either of the tours, it would be really appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks!
  • 8 Aug 2006 Liz668 said


    DONT do the cruise! the boat will be full of senior citizens and families with kids, the whole 18-35 thing about contiki is pretty much lost when you do the cruise. I took the aegean classic in fall ‘04 and the boat wasnt that great. if you really want to see the islands then pick from any other cruise company out there, theres no reason at all to book it through contiki.
    however i heard fabulous things about contiki’s bus tours around other parts of europe from people on my cruise so i’m doing the spotlight on greece tour and a few days at the mykonos resort in a few weeks.
    Our tour manager was great so I dont think my experience with the cruise was at all indicative of conitki.



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