Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercards!! Grr.....

12 Jun 2007 Kirsten :) said

I applied for a Wizard Clear Advantage Master Card.... I have no Credit card history or debts, no loans, have plenty of savings, earn great money and i'm not eligable... what a joke!!! <BR><BR>All i can recommend to everyone is dont keep your hopes up about getting one, cause they are stupid when it comes to their application process...<BR><BR>Anyone else in the same boat as me???<BR><BR>Any other options for debit/credit cards that have no/low fees etc...<BR><BR>Thanks
  • 23 Oct 2007 Amy said


    Just thought i’d say that I applied for a Wizard Clear Advantage about a year ago, just because it seemed to be the cheapest card around, and that was even before I was planning on coming to Europe. I remember applying for mine online and had no problems, but I’d suggest calling them, or posting the application in, so that a real person can look at it if you’re being knocked back online. I must say, I wasn’t earning much when I applied, and had no loans or other cards, but they gave me $750 to start with. It’s better than nothing.
    So yeah, if anyone is still keen on getting on, i’d try again but speak to a real person, who could at least give you a reason for being declined if that’s the case.


  • 23 Oct 2007 Kirsten :) said


    hi all… i started up this topic… and i also just got back from my contiki 2 weeks ago.

    I went on the European Panorama 28 days.

    I used a Commonwealth Bank Travellers Cash Card. I had my credit card with me also and my bank card, and didnt need to use the other ones. The Travellers Cash Card was very cheap with fees, and now alot of other banks are also offering the same thing.

    In terms of getting a Wizard Card… its not the end of the world if you cant get one… There are plenty of other options available out there to use and just shop around, like i did, to find the best fees.

    P.S. If you save more money before you go, credit cards are no biggy anyway… $$ is much easier to work with… Especially because not everywhere uses EFTPOS and you can bargain with cash… Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Also during the day when you only want to buy small things, credit cards are a pain in the bum… Buying lunch on your credit card is silly.. always have Cash… Everyone will take it… and will save you money in the long run!!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Oct 2007 kscott said


    Hi Kirsten,

    I was actually going to use my own money.. but through the Wizard card by loading it up with money like I have heard other peple on the site do, because unlike the westpac debit whcih charges you $5 to withdraw from an ATM AND 2.5% of whatever you take out for the conversion rate… the wizard charges you nothing to take money out (if you have your own money already on it)..

    i will try to ask my parents but i have a feeling they won’t want to have another card in their names…

    But Kristen how does this travellers cash card work? is is just like the mastercard debit? Any help would be good!!


  • 24 Oct 2007 ashleightara said


    Check out this link…

    Works great if you have a Commonwealth Bank account (which if you do has no fees at all for students) you can put extra money on your card through netbank.

  • 24 Oct 2007 Kirsten :) said


    Commonwealth travellers cash card:

    Load up card via NETBANK Service on Internet.
    Can only withdraw cash from an atm that displays the cirrus logo (also on mastercards etc) and they are everywhere… we never had any problems with finding atms we could use.

    You Can NOT use as a Debit card/Credit Card at an EFTPOS Terminal. Only at an ATM.

    Fees are very low. about $3 Aussie Per withdrawal, no matter the amount withdrawn. (up to whatever the atm will allow. 300-500 EURO’s)

    You can top up the card via netbank and it takes about 48 hours to load… so when it starts getting low you top it up before it runs out.

    The card costs like 1% or something along those lines to top up… i.e. $5000 Aussie was about $50 to load. (which compared to Fees from a Travelex etc. is very very very cheap.)

    When you load the card you lock in the exchange rate that is current at the time… ie. i loaded up at .6121 Euros / 1 AUD and all of my money was loaded at that amount.

    When you reload the card, the loading amount is locked in at the exchange rate current at that time… so if it goes up or down, you load at that rate… (THE LOADING EXCHANGE RATES ARE VIEWABLE ON THE TRAVELLERS CASH SITE – they change as the exchange rate does.)

    Alot of other banks are now using a very similar system… At the post office they offer a Travelex card which is the same deal… Each card will have different fees… Research them to find the best.

    As Ashleightara Explained… best bet is to go on the travellers cash website and check it out.

    Hope that helps,


    P.s. I wasnt trying to be rude when i was talking about the credit cards… i’m sure you will use your own money… it was very common to see alot of people on tour who were using Credit cards and going nuts with them… i cant imagine paying off a debt for 6 months after would be worth it… thats all… Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Oct 2007 kscott said


    Hey Kirsten that type of card sounds good! I know you werent being rude about the credit cards.. i get what you mean about using credit, thats why i dont really want one coz i dont want to come back in debit (especially since i’ve saved so much money if i had debt to i would ahve spent a ridiculous amount of money lol)
    I will prob try to get one that isnt attached to a bank (coz not sure if westpac offers one…) my friend said she had one from STA i think..
    but just checking, so you load it up at the current exchnge rate and so that is like 1% charge to put in the right currency and once you take it out from the ATM you dont get any fees other than the ATM fee of $3. This sounds good in comparison to the westpac debit which charges $5 and then 2.5% every withdrawal for conversion change.

    thanks again for you help…you too ashleightara!

  • 25 Oct 2007 ashleightara said


    You won’t be charged any conversion fees for withdrawing (cause you money is already in Euros or Pounds), however, if you use it in say Switzerland and get francs out of the ATM, you will be charged a conversion rate on that.

    You may also be charged an ‘additional’ ATM fee by a particular ATM (like would happen in Aus if you got money out of a weird brand ATM). But this would happen regardless of which card you were using in the ATM.

    From what I’ve heard, the commonwealth bank one is the best one around, but I’m sure there are others.

    Also, as you probably read, its attached to the Mastercard network so you get all the same advantages with emergency money etc. that you would with Mastercard.

    You also get given 2 cards to start off with so you have a spare (hidden in you suitcase or money belt). And though both cards are to the same account, and active, you can cancel one if you lose it and STILL continue to use the other.

    Sounds like a good enough incentive to me Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    So just a recap – money exchanged at Commbanks current rate (usually pretty good), 1% conversion charge at time of conversion and approx $3AUS fees per ATM withdrawal.

  • 25 Oct 2007 Kirsten :) said


    I’m not sure if Wetspac offers the Cards yet, but I know National Bank have started doing them, The post Office offer the Travelex ones, which are a touch more expensive. Just have to shop around really. If westpac dont have the cards yet, keep an eye out for them in the future, cause it looks like all of the banks are catching on to it…

    My Commonwealth bank debit card was quite expensive to use… it was about $10 per transaction, which is a joke really. Credit cards work similar to your Debit card, they charge you generally a small transaction fee and a percentage of the amount you are spending. So the more that you spend, the more they sting you with fees. eek.

    The travellers cash card is only the load fee of bout 1% which is nothing really. and then only about $3 for a withdrawal from an atm.

    Make sure that you compare the fees of different cards first though. there are so many out there, its like getting a credit card, you look around at the one which suits you the best.

    Best advice… SAVE SAVE SAVE… its worth it! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> and use the card which best suits your needs. You always have a regular debit card and / or credit card with you as back up anyway, generally. so dont stress. Money will be the last thing on your mind when you get there, well other than thinking about how to spend it… lol. so shop round and you’ll be laughing when you get there! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 26 Oct 2007 Becsta said


    I was denied as well!!!

    I am in the same boat as you Kristen- my credit card has $0 on it and i have a fair amount of savings, i live at home and have very few expenses.

    It sounds so wrong that they will approve people with debt and other cards that are still being paid off, yet will deny people who have no debt and can very easily pay it off.. Money lenders SUCK!!!

  • 27 Oct 2007 Julia & Troy said


    I too applied on-line. I found it easy to apply and was approved in about a minute. However, the limit was well below the limit I’m allowed on my other credit cards. I will be calling to speak with someone to increase the limit before travelling.

  • 27 Oct 2007 ptooma said


    If they gave you a low limit (say $2000), what if you sent in a check for $8000 to pay your monthly statement. They are still obliged to cash your check and give you a credit, no? Then you can use it as an ATM … or at least that is the general theory.

    - Vic

  • 28 Oct 2007 smithyana said


    Hi Guys

    I’ve just returned from a couple of months in Europe and the UK and i used my Wizard card constantly. I transferred money into it, then used the cash withdrawl facility (or paying my mastercard). Definitely the way to go, considering there are NO fees on foreign exchange, and NO cash out fees. I would recommend it to anyone doing the same kind of tour. I was sometimes withdrawing money once or twice a day, so there are definite advantages. Just a quick note regarding the travelex cash passports etc. Apparently they sound cheap but do not offer the most competitive exchange rate. I’d do some research!! Happy Travels!

  • 31 Oct 2007 kscott said


    Hello again!

    Well I took some of you guys advice and I got my mum to apply for me and she was accepted!! So I will be getting the additional card to use! YAY… So if your like me and your a student get your parents to sign up for you, also because theyre old and have credit card etc I got a higher ($4000) limit!

    So just a question about loading the card up so that it acts like a debit card… how easy it is to do this? Like do I just do BPAY from my bank account or do I have to send them a cheque?

    Thanks again for your help guys coz as smithyana said this card does seem like the best one for overseas travels! So to stick it to Wizard for denying me originally they are not going to get a CENT out of me coz no annual fee and I’m going to use it as a debit so no interest payments for them either! haha

  • 31 Oct 2007 Jords said


    i think i read somewhere on here that the most you can be in credit on your wizard credit card was $500, which means that you would have to regularly go to an internet cafe whilst on tour to trasnfer funds through Bpay to use it like as if its a debit card. also, if you did actually use it as a credit card (ie not using your own money), “cash advances” (im assuming this means cash withdrawals from ATMS), are charged 13.99% interest from the day you take the money out, there is no 55 day interest free period like with actual POS purchases.

    as for the travellers cash card option, ive read through both commonmwealth banks and anz’s fees and charges and anz’s is far better- you can use it at POS (Commonwealths you cant) and their is no fee for POS transactions. ATM withdrawal fee is $3.50 (compared with commonwealths which is $3.75). Currency loading fee is about teh saem (1.0-1.1%)

    its does my head in how many options there are! you could spend days trying to figure out what card has the best value.


  • 31 Oct 2007 smithyana said


    No this is not the case. I was transferring large amts like $2500 and $4000 etc into the Wizard card. I don’t think wizard like to advertise that this can be done, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Even if you talk to the staff over the phone you won’t hear them say it can be done, but it definitely CAN be!!

  • 31 Oct 2007 Kirsten :) said


    Hi, I tried over the phone and called back a week later to check. Same response… Declined. Why? They could not give me a reason. The Manager could not even tell me why… apparently the computer says yes or no.. they can not tell you a reason…?

    They are Full of S*** if you ask me… what kind of system doesnt give you a reason? and why the hell will they give people in debt another card, and not someone with money who can afford to pay it back? its a joke.

    There are other options out there anyway. Not the end of the world.

  • 18 Dec 2007 Ang said


    Hey Kirsten,
    I am in the same boat – I have a steady job, own my car, owe nothing on my credit card, and I was denied. Basically, I have come to the conclusion that they have decided due to our excellence financial management, they aren’t going to make any money off us, so they won’t give us the card.
    When I called to ask why, they basically told me they legally can’t get into specifics because it encourages fraud (e.g. they tell you the problem is you haven’t lived in the one place long enough, you apply again and fudge the facts, thus committing fraud). As if anyone would do that just to get a credit card Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->
    Basically, sucks to be us :-)

  • 18 Dec 2007 Jess said


    Just a thought… I wonder if we’re getting declined due to our ages??? Eg they don’t give cards to anyone under 25 or something. I work 2 jobs, lived in one place for ages, assets, no debt, age 21, declined. Has anyone 21 or younger been accepted?

    I got Mum to apply, so I’m a second cardholder, so all good, although I’m not one for relying on my parents financially so I wasn’t really comfortable with it…

    Also, just to clarify, you can definately load extra cash onto the card, but if you want to put more than $500 on, the primary cardholder has to do an extra ID check first, which basically meant Mum rocking up to the postoffice with a form and her driver’s licence. Apparently they don’t need to know who you are if you’re in credit, but the do if you’re in debit! I had to do the ID check too in order to get the second card. The whole process has taken about 3 weeks, from the time of internet application, getting the first card, recieving ID check forms, going to post office, postoffice sending forms back to wizard, recieving second card. I recommend allowing at least a month…

    Good luck!

    Jess =)

    European Vista, 28 Dec 07 (9 days!!!)

  • 18 Dec 2007 Amylee said


    Hey Jess,

    I’m 20 and was approved for the clear advantage mastercard. My situation (e.g job, money etc) all sound pretty similar to both you and Ang… so i don’t know how they decide.

    Although I’m annoyed before I applied the girl on the phone told me it would only take about 2 weeks start to finish to get my card and it’s taking alot longer and I still need to recieve my card AND put money on it meaning another ID check before the 4th of Jan!! starting to worry!

    oh well cya

  • 6 Mar 2008 slock31 said


    I just applied online and got approved straight away!

    I’m 19 and seem to be in the same situation as a few of the other people have posted on here.

    My only other thought was that maybe they have made some changed to their system or policy in the 3 month since the last post.



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