Eastern Discovery (Start New Orleans) 20 July 2013

3 Mar 2013 Brooke Bitschkat asked

Brooke Bitschkat

Anybody doing this tour? or the Grand Southern tour starting the 8th of July 2013. Would be nice to chat to any doing these tours beforehand.

  • 7 Mar 2013 FRENCHIE said


    Hi Brooke! Im doing this one then the wild western! Im so excited shame its so far away!!!!! I did europe contiki last year, best time of my life!

  • 8 Mar 2013 Brooke Bitschkat said

    Brooke Bitschkat

    Hi there! Thats great, I’m also doing the wild western tour starting the 7th of August. I know im so excited, hopefully the time goes quick! This is my first contiki so it should be great! :)

  • 9 Mar 2013 FRENCHIE said


    Wow Im doing that tour as well!!!! We will really get to know eachother!!!! Dont worry if you’re going alone, heaps of people do, its better that way and you’ll make loads of friends! Im going to a Justin Beiber concert in Brooklyn in between tours :P

  • 9 Mar 2013 Brooke Bitschkat said

    Brooke Bitschkat

    wow, yes we will! I’m going alone, so that makes me feel alot better, are you going alone or with people? oh nice, that will be great. Will you be staying at the hotel contiki uses in NY?



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