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LA to the Bay - June 2013

3 Mar 2013 mattynz asked


Hey all,

Is anyone planning on the above trip from 5th to the 15th June? I'll be in the States for work so thought I'd see a few places and meet some people before I go back! Look forward to hearing from anyone :)


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  • 20 May 2013 Dan Bowen said

    Dan Bowen

    Hi Lance (I hope this is your name) it is nice to meet you.

    I am somewhat intrigued by the atomic bomb museum (well, I’ve played the Fallout games) and area 51 (I just google mapped area 51 and yes, it is somewhat close to Vegas) but I worry that I am spending too much of my travels indoors in museums (going to many in NY and D.C after this tour) and there may be too much of Vegas in only one day to explore to be stuck in a museum. That said, it is fairly close to our hotel and I plan to explore Vegas from early in the morning to very late at night so I need to find hours to fill. I will look into it a little bit more. (I’ve also seen various coupons online that give you discounts at the museum… as well as many other places which might be worth looking into)

    Yeah, I think Mon/Tues are “quieter” nights, though like you’ve said, there really isn’t such a thing (and a few less people in the crowds the better in my opinion). It does look like a lot of the big name shows however don’t run on these days or are already booked up which is the one down side… on a plus you’d think maybe things would be a little cheaper, and there still looks like there is far too much to do.

    Yeah, I will definitely check out the volcano at the Mirage (right by our hotel I think).

  • 21 May 2013 Reneehollier said


    Hi guys!! So much to read on here! Cannot wait to meet you all and have a wonderful time! I noticed you were doing the Alcatraz tour at night, sadly its all booked up now! Was there anyone else looking to take a tour at another time ? :) if so, let me know as I would love to make a new friend :) 15 DAYS TO GO!!!

  • 23 May 2013 Gemanji said


    I definitely want to see the fountains, volcano at the Mirage, and shows you speak of! :)

    Hello Renee! Nice to meet you! We have been talking a lot but a lot of it is ramble haha :) Aww I was warned to book way in advance hence why I brought it up on this feed because I didn’t want us to miss out. Hopefully somebody will want to see it another time.

    The main reason I’m commenting tonight is because it’s now 10 days until I leave and I am getting very very excited :D

  • 27 May 2013 michaelw said


    So guys, the time is getting near, for anyone seeing LA on the 4th shall we agree where we are meeting and what we are seeing? I’m guessing the best way to get around is the underground/ metro?

    I suppose the main choices are: Warner Bro tour, Universal studios tour, or Hollywood/Beverley Hill- difficult choice for one day- Although I did watch a truly terrible film yesterday which reminded me of the La Brea tar pits which I’d quite like to see.

    I’ll stick my number and e-mail on the wild western meet up page for those logged on there and anyone on the bay tour please ask- I’m not sticking them on an open forum- I had my work number stuck on a website and you won’t believe how much marketing rubbish it resulted in so not repeating that!

  • 28 May 2013 Juliana said


    Hi all party-lovers,
    I’m trying to think a bit in advance about club activities in Vegas. According to my calculation – I’m not 100% sure whether we are in Vegas for only Monday night (10th June).. but then girls can add themselves in advance for free entry for party in Marquee before 11 pm (best night club or #2 after XS) or we can go to dj Lil John at XS… Who is in? I really would like to visit one of two.

    Juliana X

  • 28 May 2013 michaelw said


    Hi Juliana
    Yes we are there on the 10th and the 11th (presumably we leave very early on the 12th???)

    Could be a good choice after much vodka n red bull- might see what everyone is planning when we first meet up on the 4th- should still hopefully still be possible to book then if its popular with the tour??

  • 29 May 2013 Gemanji said


    Hi guys. On the 4th Juliana and I are going to Universal Studios for a few hours (it opens at 10, we are leaving about 9 to get the free shuttle), we want to go on main rides but won’t be exploring absolutely everything as we want to go back to LA at around 1-2pm to see the stars, poss hollywood sign, and other sights, before returning to our hostels to transfer our things to the hotel for the meeting at 7.30pm. Do any of you guys want to join? :) Our plan is rough and flexible so if you want to join us and suggest things you are more than welcome.

    Michael if you could private message me your number/email just in case, might be helpful for the 4th onwards. I am still yet to get my ekit phone in the post (eek…please arrive soon!! :/) but as soon as I have it I can give you my number too.

    Definitely up for the clubs, but yes would be better to see what everyone has planned on the 4th. I’m sure we could book then :)

    Not long now!!!! :)

  • 29 May 2013 michaelw said


    I’ll join you for universal, although personally the studio/backlot tour (its like 50 mins) interests me most.

    By shuttle bus do you mean the thing which runs from the metro station?

    I’ll message you my details.

  • 29 May 2013 Gemanji said


    I’m not sure which one it is, Juliana looked into that part! I assume so though. Where would you want to meet? At the metro station?

    Brill, thanks.

  • 31 May 2013 Dan Bowen said

    Dan Bowen

    Hey guys… I’d love to meet up with you all on the 4th to have a proper look around LA but I probably won’t get to the hotel til around 3 and it’s very likely I will want to have a quick power nap when I arrive. If I manage to force myself awake for a few hours before the meet up (or am simply too excited to sleep) I will probably just have a walk around the local area and visit a few places which are very close to the hotel (

    Any way, I hope you guys have a great day in LA and I will see you all in about 4 days :S I can’t believe how soon it is!!! Exciting!!!

  • 31 May 2013 lbellew said


    Hi all, currently in Canada after a day in SF having a quick look around (Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square – great places) and very keen to get back later in the tour to enjoy some more of it.

    I haven’t really had a chance to look at things to do in LA but Universal sounds great, I would suggest a beach but I’m sure we will see some sand at some stage through the Contiki process anyway.

    Dan – I would be so keen for Area 51, we should discuss on the tour. Juliana, yes a club would be great! Vegas is going to be the highlight for me I think, hopefully I can fit it all in.

    Can’t believe it is only a few days til we all meet up, the time really has flown. Trying to change my flight into LA to one a bit earlier, so looking forward to meeting up with those around on the afternoon on the 3rd. Will post my details on the LA to the Bay meet up (Michael, I’ve had the same thing!) so anyone feel free to contact me directly. Will have a look back through the thread to see who is going to be there on the 3rd and DM you all too.

  • 1 Jun 2013 Nikcii said


    Hey guys! currently heading up to the airport and getting so excited! Planning heading to universal on the 3rd n wandering around the sights of LA on the 4th! Looking forward to meeting everyone in a couple of days :)

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