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European Inspiration Aug 8-28th 2013?

5 Mar 2013 ~*EmilyC*~ asked


Anybody else joining me?

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  • 28 Mar 2013 Kevin C said

    Kevin C

    Hi Emily… My girlfriend and I will be joining you :) I’m guessing you flying out on the 8th and arriving in London on the 9th?

    Can’t wait! Only 133 days, 4 hours, 50 minutes and 20 seconds left until we leave!

  • 29 Mar 2013 ~*EmilyC*~ said


    Hi! Yes me and my husband, Joey will be flying from home on the 8th, hopefully arriving the afternoon of the 9th. I have created a facebook group, so that we can try to get to know as many people from our group as possible before leaving.!/groups/191559974301360/
    Came in handy on my last Contiki. Have you travelled contiki before? I did the Great Britain and Ireland with my sister 2 years ago. Was the best time of my life!
    I am sooo ecstatic to do it again!

  • 31 Mar 2013 Kevin C said

    Kevin C

    We will also be leaving for London on the 8th, arriving on the 9th and stay at the starting point for the night (Royal National I think?)

    First contiki for both of us, but I did go to Germany for a week last year for work.

    Thanks for the group. Joined up now :-) Seriously can’t wait for it to come…Any suggestions as to what to bring?

  • 4 Apr 2013 ~*EmilyC*~ said


    I believe our tour includes the stay at the Imperial hotel, the night before the tour. (It’s right down the road from the royal national). We meet at the royal national to be picked up by the bus, and it’s also where the contiki basement is. They are super easy hotels to get to from the Heathrow Airport! Once we book our flights, we’ll have to figure out a time to meet. Most likely there will be a meeting the night before in the basement, where we meet everyone and our tour manager. We could all go out for dinner together after that?

    Awesome! You guys will love it! Where did you stay in Germany? I wish I got to travel for work! What do you do?

    Hmm, I know the one thing I forgot last time was a travel pillow. Didn’t think it’d be necessary, but it sure makes sleeping on the plane and coach more comfortable!! Lots of camera chips, battery chargers, international power adapters, rain jacket, ipod, alarm clock, laundry detergent, loofa (don’t know if you use that term for a washing sponge) None of the hotels on our last tour had face cloths to wash with. This trip should be a little easier for packing clothes, since we have 2 nights stays everywhere. Although i’d still rather not waste time sitting in a laundromat :-s Some people on my last tour were handwashing some of their laundry in the bath tub. Turned out to be a good idea, since hotels cost about 8 Euro to wash a tiny bag that you may fit one pair of pants in!
    Leave lots of room in your suitcase to bring stuff back! The morning we get on the coach, they will weigh our suitcases.(max 20kg/44lbs.) Tip-wear as many layers as you can and your heaviest pair of shoes to take the weight out of your suitcase. And put other heavy stuff into your day bag.

    I am also super excited! Think about it everyday!
    p.s.-Don’t know if you know about the ‘meetups’ page Contiki has. You login to the website, then on the ‘get connected tab’ select Meetups. You use your booking reference #(at the top of your invoice), and it links you to people specifically on your tour. We have our own private page for chatting. So far there is one other girl on there.

  • 4 Apr 2013 Kevin C said

    Kevin C

    I stayed in Stuttgart while I was in Germany last year. Didn’t get to do as much site seeing as I would of liked, but did get to stop at the Mercedes Museum which was very cool!

    I actually work in the IT field. I’m a systems, network and voice administrator. Sounds fancy, but very boring actually :þ What do you do?

    Travel pillow, check! I would of never thought of getting laundry detergent! Sure that something I can pick once we have arrived in London? But we are slowly but surely going to start investing in extra travel bags and stuff like that as we get closer to the day. I will bet you now that I won’t be getting any sleep the week leading up to us leaving! :-D I can see my girlfriend bringing back 20kgs worth of shoes alone!

    I’m just trying to get my reference number now from our travel agent. Contiki system doesn’t seem to want to accept it for some reason :-/ What drop down did you choose before putting in your reference? CHEUOS?

  • 17 Apr 2013 Kevin C said

    Kevin C

    Nudge :-) Only 113 days left till take off!

    Still battling with the travel agent for my reference number. No idea why.

    Anybody else manage to join up the group in the meet ups area?

  • 19 Apr 2013 ~*EmilyC*~ said


    Hey, so sorry for not replying earlier. Don’t have much time now either, since I’m headed out of town for the weekend tomorrow. So far there is another that has managed to join the meet up. Which, the two who are on there now are different from who we have on the Facebook group. As for the drop down, mine was CHCANS-i’m assuming standing for Canada :-S I just went with what it defaulted to. You might get a faster reply about your booking number through Contiki themselves. They are very easy to call. I’ve booked both my trips directly through them, they are very helpful!

    Cool that you got to see a different part of Germany than we will be seeing though!
    I am a pharmacy assistant, soon to be technician. My husband is a natural gas plant operator.

    Can’t for the nice hot weather! We thought spring was finally on it’s way, but we woke up to a snow storm this morning :-S

  • 19 Apr 2013 Kevin C said

    Kevin C

    No worries. We are all very busy :)

    I’ll try give contiki a call this weekend when I’m away from the office. Things have been a bit mental lately.

    Our weather has been crazy too. I mean, we are in Autumn, and 3 days this week it was > then 30 degrees celsius… Which is 86 degrees fahrenheit. It a tough life, I know :D

    Enjoy the weekend away. With a bit of luck I will be part of the group by next week.

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