Luggage Size

25 Oct 2006 Sally:) said

How Everyone!!!!!!!!!!1<BR><BR>i am traveling to Europe next year with contiki and have started shopping for my luggage. I was just wandering how strict contiki are with the sizing. I have seen a bag that fits all the dimensions except in depth (it is 5 cm out) is this too much??? if its still within the 20kg limit is that ok??? <BR><BR>Please help!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>Luv SAllY
  • 11 Feb 2011 Serenity said


    Hii Sally. i know ur post is like almost 5 yrs old and god knows if u will even see my post. But i am in your shoes Right now. I brought my suitcase and the dimensions are 72×48×35 but it wont be 20kgs, i just need it to be big so after my tour i have more room for shopping. So basicly i wanted to know if you had any trouble with your tour and the bag size? thanks:)

  • 11 Feb 2011 TC said


    They don’t measure the bags but they do weight them. I’m sure 5cm will be fine. Just as long as the mesurements aren’t all too big… they would notice that

  • 12 Feb 2011 Serenity said


    Thanks for your response.. I just realised the ddepth is 35 only after its expanded, so if i dont expand then its 27 so i should be ok..:) xx



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