Couple of general Questions

4 Jun 2007 Juztin said

Hey all, i am doing the European Contrasts tour for June 27th-July 31st and I have a couple of questions.<BR>How do we pay for our optional excursions? I see that we cannot pay with credit card then how are we to do this?<BR>Am i able to charge my ipod on the bus and if so is it a european outlet or USB?<BR>Am i able to do my laundry during the trip or do i just wash everything int he sink as i see some do?(its just not the same lol)<BR>Do they charge your excursions all in one or seperatley?<BR>I was told i am not allowed to bring a duffle this true?<BR>I see for dressy clothes are black skate shoes fine to wear or do i need to bring my fancy ones?<BR>For bringing money do you think it will be fine to put all the money i'm bringing on my mastercard then just go to atm's and take a couple days worth out? i know its a safety thing but this card wont ever lose my sight and i just dont wanna bring debit mastercard visa and all the others things i'm comfortable bringing my card and taking out a couple hundred euros to last me a few days before i can get to another one.<BR>Finally!, along the way what do we do with the souvenirs we have bought? just keep them in our day packs until access to luggage then put it in luggage?<BR><BR>Thanks so much<BR><BR>Justin
  • 4 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said


    I did the MasterCard thing you’re suggesting and it worked great! Just make sure you know what your M/Cs’ PIN is and that it’s 4 digits long for compatibility.

  • 4 Jun 2007 Bec said


    Hey Juztin.
    I’m also doing European Contrasts on the 27th June. .
    You should come say hi to us all in the meeting place message boards. . Under Europe, European Contrasts, n June 27th. .



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