Austrian Tyrol Optionals

19 Nov 2009 Cherry said

Does anybody know if white water rafting, tandem paragliding and biking are ALL offered for trips visiting the Austrian Tyrol? I'm thinking of doing either Road to Rome or European Discovery.<BR><BR>Also, I read somewhere that white water rafting starts in May. Is that true? No rafting in April?<BR><BR>Thanks!
  • 20 Nov 2009 Jeremy said


    My trip had all 3 available and we only spent 1 night in Austria. We came in from Munich and went out to Venice. Our schedule had us do the biking immediately after we got there, followed by paragliding. The next day we were able to go white water rafting before heading to Venice. People who did not go biking went paragliding while we were gone to break up the crowd. I would think that most tours it is an option to do all 3. You won’t have much time to explore the city after you do both, but, it is pretty tiny. The rafting was pretty good, mostly level 3 which was fairly mild rapids. Paragliding and mountain biking was quite intense though, so I highly recommend them!



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