I want to to spend about 3 weeks to 1 month in NZ...

15 Oct 2007 greenbelter said

Hi 2 years ago I went to California with Trek America and then last year went to Canada with Moose Travel. Now I want to to go to NZ. I may get 3 weeks to 1 month off. Anyway I want to plan ahead and will be going next year probs after our summer. Is October/ Nov a good time to go or is there a good time to go?<BR><BR>Also what can you tell me about Contiki? I am 33 but look about 24 (my fellow travellers last year were shocked to find out my real age) Also I'm up for most things. All I ask for is the odd night off the drinking. Ive looked at other companies but the people there seem to just want to get smashed and have sex every night. I want to have fun in the evenings but also want to appreciate NZ. Is Contiki a good move? And am I picking the best time of year.<BR><BR>I need to plan now so I can get the time off work and I can book flights and start to pay/ save for it.<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>James



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