Best way to get from Amsterdam to London?

24 May 2008 Explorer1094223 asked

Hello!<BR><BR>My tour ends in Amsterdam and I am going to be staying a few extra days there before heading over to London. I was wondering what the best way is to get from Amsterdam to London? I have heard that some of the "budget airlines" (Ryanair, etc.) have absurd fees and it ends up not being so "budget" after all. I think I have also seen stuff for a ferry, but I remember that taking quite a few hours.<BR><BR>Thanks for any advice!!
  • 27 May 2008 Nickerz said


    hello! last year i flew back & forth from London to Amsterdam before my tour started & it was very quick & easy! i flew easyjet, only thing is watch your luggage weight, i was over by 1kg & had to re-arrange so they would take my suitcase!! But flying was easy, getting to the airport from Dam central is easy. I looked up a ferry originally but decided to go with the flying! Good Luck Smiler

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