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Is contiki a Party Tour ?

23 Mar 2013 Walter Krause asked

Walter Krause

So i'm 22 and i DON'T drink or smoke, but i'v done my research and it seems Contiki is meant for party animals. I simply want to explore Europe for a month or so without having to party each and every night. What's your experience ? Do the groups usually do their own thing ? For example half the group goes and parties and the other maybe just relaxes at the hotel, ect for the night ? Would totally suck if i went ( Going alone/solo by the way ) and everyone else was there to party!

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  • 23 Mar 2013 evana_rose said


    I’m the same! Though I do have the odd drink once in a while…I don’t let myself go crazy. When I went to the NZ tour, people found it abit odd, I barely drink at all. 1 person goes to me ‘Are you sure you are on the right tour? lol’ but you can have heaps of fun regardless! But each to his own. I wanted to have energy, not get sick, make the most of each day and I couldn’t do that if I were to party every night, all night and drink a ton load!
    It did catch up to alot of the party ppl- contiki cough/sick in general. sleeping all day in hotel rooms and buses, missing optionals and sightseeing opportunities…Yeah, I found that on my tour there was the PARTY group who stayed out as long as possible, all nights except one place that was so remote, you couldn’t lol. And then those that kinda of like went out one night, rested the next stayed up til 12ish max. Yeah, I think it depends on the group though..I think my group there was a ‘handful’ that partied hard, but most people paced themselves and didn’t go all the time.

  • 23 Mar 2013 Walter Krause said

    Walter Krause

    I wouldn’t mind a drink once and a while ! I am just afraid to be stuck for a month with a group of people who want to party 24/7. But on the other hand I’m also afraid that if i try another tour company i will be stuck with seniors lol.
    Since i am going alone i don’t want to be by myself if i decide not to go out to a nightclub, ect … assuming most other people brings friends. But i guess like people say just make it what you want it to be :D

  • 24 Mar 2013 CharlesF-M said


    The groups I have been on have both ended up at Ocktober fest and there were many that did not go out every night.

  • 25 Mar 2013 evana_rose said


    Yeah that makes sense lol. There’s the top deck tour company as well but I can’t see it being any different- you get different people everywhere, even though people say contiki is like more ‘party’ and top deck more ‘sightseeing’ apparently. I don’t know if anyone here can compare?
    Honestly though before starting the NZ one I was expecting it to be more full-on party than it was…Apparently the Greek Island ones are more PARTY orientated though (from what I heard one person who went says it’s like the whole group always goes out.).

  • 25 Mar 2013 ayoung said


    I’ve done two tours Walter, one in Europe and one in America and on both occasions there have been people who have been ‘the party animals’ that go out every night and then there are others who just liked to chill out at night. Although Contiki does have a bit of a reputation as the party tours, it’s not all like that and there are heaps of travellers who opt not to do that – so whichever tour you decide, there will be quite a few others who will be in the same position as you! And Evanna, my Europe tour was Topdeck and my America one was Contiki and they’re practically identical and the same scenario applies to both! Hope that helps a bit!

  • 30 Mar 2013 Michelle said


    Walter I am the same as you. Dont drink much and prefer to spend my time during the day exploring rather than being hungover and tired. I have done 3 Contikis and found that it was Ok to do my own thing. I did go out some nights but didnt drink so was fine the next day. i think every group is tour is going to have their party group but you just do what you want to do. At the end of the day you are there to do what you want and not what the other people want.
    On my Europe tour everyone thought it was funny with the amount of shopping I was doing (I did A LOT) but I was spending my money on bringing back gifts instead of drinking it away and not remembering much the next day.
    Contiki is one of the best experiences you will have. I am doing my 4th tour later this year and cant wait

  • 3 Apr 2013 Cleo05 said


    I did a contiki in New Zealand and there was a mix of partiers and non partiers. Alot of people who were older and married and alot of people that just purely didnt want to drink. They sometimes came out with us at night but when it got late or we got too messy, they would go to bed. Plus New Zealand was very relaxed. Some party nights but also some very quiet nights with a group dinner. So Contiki is not all partying. Its very much a tour where you make it YOUR holiday.

  • 9 Apr 2013 jarks said


    I did Contiki Grand Southern NY-LA in Nov-Dec last year and before I went I wasn’t one to go out except for birthdays or end of uni celebrations…

    …Well! That changed! When I was on tour I went out most nights (not from day one, more like day five onwards on a 26 day tour). Since I’ve been back, I’ve gone from going out once a month to going out multiple times a week! (let me stress: bars and pubs. Contiki didn’t change my opinion of clubs!)

    But back to the tour: Mostly I started going out because, well, everyone else was and I didn’t wanna be the one to miss everything. But also because going out didn’t seem as hard as it did at home. It was just part of the day.

    Some nights were chilled, some (in nightlife towns like Miami, New Orleans and Vegas) were full on… Some nights were clubs, but most were just bars or pubs…

    About 30% of people went out EVERY night (approx 15 people out of 50ish). There was no one that NEVER went out (as in everyone went out at least once), but on an average night out, there would only have been between 60-90% of people out. So there was always someone who didnt go out, some more so than others. (Except New Orleans which, in my opinion, don’t even bother going if you don’t want to go out!)

    It didn’t matter when people needed nights off, because we all did at some point. No one else really cared (Well, we missed our friends if they didn’t come out, but we didn’t stop them from having a quiet one!).

    I should also note that most of the time you’d be out at dinner and the bus would just take you to wherever you were going that night, so after having dinner with the whole group you weren’t really ready to go home – just jump on the bus and head out!

    And a LOT of people would go out for a bit, and head home early, rather than not go out at all. Which was fine too. Each to their own!

    There were some nights that the whole group was really chilled including a bowling night and a night by the pool at the hotel in florida.

    Keep in mind though, when I say “people went out,” I don’t make any link to alcohol. There were PLENTY of times on tour when I still went out but didn’t drink (probably 50/50). And the same went for many others. There were some who didn’t drink AT ALL the entire trip too.

  • 10 Apr 2013 Franz said


    Depends how you look at it.I did a Vietnam Contiki Tour in 2009 and what we got was the most sensible bunch of people on a tour who were there to have a great time,see the sights and remember everything.For someone who did Asian History in High School that tour would have done my teacher proud I took what she taught me in her classroom all those years ago and saw it in real life.Sadly I don’t qualify for any more Contiki Tours as I turned 35 last December.Escape Travel UNLEY SA were very reluctant to even let me book one.Wish me luck as I now go onto Geckos and Top Deck.

  • 17 Apr 2013 sabina said


    Walter, as you can see, not everyone does Contiki coz they love drinking. Some of us just want to see interesting places with fun people in our age :)
    I’m aiming for Eastern Rocker this July (and I will do just fine with one beer per day, if any!)

    Hope you will enjoy your tour!

  • 18 Apr 2013 TarynWainman said


    I was the same as Jarks – i didnt drink for 18 months and my plan was to go on contiki go out and party but not drink .. but wow did that change lol I partied every night and drank more than I ever imagined i could and I still managed to go out and go sight seeing every day – I only ever missed 1 tour which was in amsterdam .. enough said. I did 3 contikis running of the bulls, european whirl and the greek islands – all of them as crazy as each other (but i was in the party group) as others have said there are a good mix of people some only went out once the whole trip some including myself were out every single night – which ever tour you go on there will be a mix of people so dont stress and if you dont want to go out just dont :) mind you once your there you may get caught up in the excitment like i did and I am so glad i did was the best 2 months of my life – I’m doing another one this year :) just make it your own trip if you dont want to drink then dont if you decide to then enjoy it – hope you have an amazing time what ever you end up doing :)

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