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Am I too old (or will I feel too old)?

24 Mar 2013 GreenEyeGlobetrotter asked


Looking at booking my first contiki trip for this Aug/Sept (havent decided yet) and i'll be travelling pretty nervous im going to be stuck on my own for 3 weeks and from what ive seen so far it looks like most are on the younger end of the 18-35 not THAT old (26) but am a little worried about not fitting in...any advice?

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  • 24 Mar 2013 Andrew Dalton said

    Andrew Dalton

    You’ll be fine … I’m 27 and going on my third contiki and I know I won’t be the oldest. There’s a lot partying and stuff but I met a lot of people just there got the site seeing. Whatever your there for you’ll make friends for life guaranteed

  • 25 Mar 2013 ZubazWrestler said


    You should book the European Magic tour Sept 28th. I am 28 so you will not be the oldest. :)

  • 25 Mar 2013 Antoinette said


    Well i’m 29 and i am going on my first contiki tours. I’m really excited to be going.

  • 25 Mar 2013 RayGold said


    I’m doing the European Panorama Sep 9 and I’m 26.

  • 25 Mar 2013 NYGiantsFan said


    Yeah so I will be 34! I’m planning to go solo probably Sept 20 to the Berlin to Budapest tour and after do a couple of days in Munich for Oktoberfest. The tours that are budget or camping would usually have younger people because it’s cheaper than Superior tours. Also, tours such as Greek Island Hopping, anything Croatia and Britain and Ireland will have younger people too

  • 25 Mar 2013 GreenEyeGlobetrotter said


    Thanks for the reassurance guys! Zubaz – I was looking at European Magic but it doesnt stop in Rome :( Ray – Im so jealous your doing the panorama tour..I would love to do that one but no way I could have that much time off work! Have fun on your trips :)

  • 26 Mar 2013 Mandy said


    I’m 27 and this is my first contiki too!! I’m doing the Europe contrasts with corfu resort! Leaving 5th Sept!,

  • 28 Mar 2013 GreenEyeGlobetrotter said


    so excited for you Mandy! I would love to go to Corfu just not enough time…have fun!

  • 29 Mar 2013 Ashley said


    I’m 30 and I just did my 1st Contiki tour in Thailand! I highly recommend Contiki….FUN FUN!!!

  • 30 Mar 2013 Sofya said


    I had just turned 29 when I went on my 1st trip to Germany/Czech Republic in Dec 2012 and to be honest i felt a little old. I’d say majority are under the age of 29 BUT there was a good group over 29 – mostly couples funny enough.

    I’d say the prime age is around 25-27. I’m going again though! 2nd trip – Greece – May 24th! And i’ll keep going till I’m 35! :)

    BTW – is the cut off really 35? :)


  • 30 Mar 2013 Sofya said


    @NYGiantsFan – darn I chose Budget so could have the one with more days (10) for Greece and just realized that it def WILL have younger folk – darn – oh well i’ll still have fun!!! :) I’m really 18 at heart!

  • 30 Mar 2013 Sofya said


    @GreenEye – yea I would LOVE to have more than 3 weeks vacation time – only way to get that is to leave the USA!!!!!

  • 7 Apr 2013 Hannah said


    You are ony as old as you you feel. I went on my first tour when I was 28 and I was one of the oldest by a few years. It was a western highlights tour in the US and there was one other girl and we were months apart in age, and then there was an bunch of 21-23 year olds. But we still had a blast. I am booked now for the European Discovery starting June 20. I will be 31 by then, hopefully it will be a bit older of a crowd, but if not, I can pass for my early 20s (yay to never smoking :)). Contiki is totally all about whatever you make it out to be. If you go into it thinking it will be horrible to be the oldest, you will feel like that. Just go into it expecting to have a good time, and meet new friends from all over and you will have a great time. Just book the trip, everything will fall into place and you will have a blast.

  • 7 Apr 2013 Explorer1245458 said


    I’m looking at doing the Argentina and Brazil experience in June 2013. Anyone have a idea what the majority age will be.? I will actually turn 35yrs on the tour so would be my last with Contiki. I’ve done lotd of tours before with them and other companies that are age specified. I like the itinerary but wonder if I will be too old!

  • 7 Apr 2013 ColinA said


    It always depends on the group. You could have mature 18 year olds and immature 30 year olds, it always changes. The great thing is that there are always people who have the same idea of fun as you do, whether it’s sightseeing, shopping, or partying.

  • 13 Apr 2013 E said


    i went on my first tour at 33 and it was great. a few people a couple years older and some younger folks but everyone got along great. i am going on med highlights in a month and half and i am 35 now but i dont really care about the age. i’m just there to have fun and meet new people.

  • 29 Apr 2013 interface2x said


    I didn’t go on my first one until I was 30 years old – went on my second one at 33 years old. I didn’t feel particularly old on either of those tours and I believe I wasn’t even the oldest on either one. I did take one last year at age 34 and it was a blast, but I was definitely feeling a little old on that one. It mostly depends on the group you’re with.

  • 30 Apr 2013 Michael_stewart said


    Nope you won’t feel old (because you aren’t) and you should consider doing the greek island hopper tour July 18th!
    Im 27 btw

  • 12 Jul 2014 Bassam said


    I am 35 and booked the Greek Island hopper but worried that I won’t have fun since I will likely be the oldest… any thoughts?

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