Bridging time gap between tours (Galapagos-Amazon)

25 Mar 2013 Nane asked


Hi there :)
I'm planning on booking the Galapagos+Ecuador tour as well as the Andes+Amazon tour for August/September. However, since most tours are already full, the only remaining ones take place at least two weeks apart from each other. Flying back and forth between Europe and South America is pretty expensive, so I'm thinking about staying in South America and traveling around on my own...

Is anyone having the same "problem" or has any experience when it comes to traveling in that region?
Does anyone know of a good way to get either from Lima to Guayaquil or from Quito to Cusco other than by plane?

If someone could help me, that would be awesome :)


  • 3 Sep 2016 lovies said


    The conclusion will give more interesting details. – Morgan Exteriors

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