Cameras and Camcorders

7 Nov 2008 em_v said

Hi! I am going to be doing the Reefs and Rainforests in June. I saw a lot of the pics and videos for the optionals and it seem most people did a good job getting pics and footage of their scuba dive, sky diving, etc. So my question is weather you use your own camera and camcorder or they do have some equipment you rent out? I want to capture those moments and am wondering whats the best way of doing it. Any help or info is much appreciated. Thanks. Good day.
  • 14 Nov 2008 MJ said


    I have an underwater housing for my camera as I do scubadiving durring the year. Its nice because I can also record short amts of video while under water too. But if you aren’t a certified diver you can only do the check out scuba which doesn’t take you down more than 20 feet for about 20 mins but still a good intro. I’d just get a rental or a cheap disposable type.



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