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What do you wish you'd known?

18 Jul 2007 ashleightara asked

I'm curious to know what ppl wish they'd known before they went on their trips, and only discovered afterwards...<BR><BR>For example, <BR>Did you miss something in a town you wish you'd known about? <BR>Did you pack something, and never used it?<BR>Did you NEED something you didn't pack and had to go in search of it?<BR><BR>In particular, looking for different advice to what is already available on the board...share you experience so others can learn from you 'mistake'.<BR><BR>Thanks <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 14 Aug 2014 Samantha said


    These posts are so helpful, but most of them seem to be about Europe. I am doing the Big Walkabout with Sailing. Does anyone have any tips for travelling in Australia or has anyone been on this trip? Must have’s, do’s and see’s?


  • 12 Nov 2014 TravelChickDiaries said


    I did a Contiki tour quite some time ago and documented my entire trip – from accommodations to restaurants to attractions and more! Here is my Contiki Video Diaries pt. 1

  • 14 Jan 2015 Bernie said


    IM doing European adventurer and wondering about using an iron especially for places like Monaco did places have irons or is it worth bringing a cheap one that you can just ditch before you come home from contiki?

  • 14 Jan 2015 Alana said


    I definitely wouldn’t recommend bringing an iron at all, unless it’s a travel one, but even then… It’s not worth it, it’d just be heavy and will eat into your luggage weight allowance. If you’re staying in hotels, they should pretty much all have one, but I don’t really know about hostels or campsites.

  • 14 Jan 2015 Bernie said


    weight would prob be fine cos id put all heavy stuff in my carry on anyway and then before i go home dump it in the bin.
    Just wondering what other people on similar tours did staying in a mix of cabins and stopover which im assuming is mostly hostels and contiki villages

  • 16 Jan 2015 Carly said


    As i first time traveler, i think i was a little paranoid and packed useless shit i didn’t require..
    - brought a bum bag ( never used it, so many people make security a issue (it is but if you use your brain you will be sweet)
    - took a backpack t(hat was hard to pack). nearly missed the bus from venice as i woke up still intoxicated, ended up carying clothes to try and make it onto the bus.
    - so many people has suitcases ! definitely a better option
    - took like so many winter clothes and the only cold place was switerland. ( look at the weather)
    - packed a sleeping bag for one place, when realistically you don’t sleep ( wait till the coach) or realistically sleep with a new friend
    - ended up dumping clothes in hostels as i had no room for goodies i purchased.

    - i didn’t pack heels (PACK HEELS) or you will end up losing your sandals and end up having to wear vans into clubs…
    - STRAIGHTNER – i didn’t as i thought i would be okay roughing it.. but take one !
    - travel diary !!! – i wrote down as much i could and I’m so glad i did !!!

  • 8 Feb 2015 Catherine said


    Hi everyone,
    Having gone through previous posts, this is a compiled list of things that people have recommended you pack which you might not automatically think of:

    Medicines and first aid

    Cold and Flu tablets
    Motion sickness tablets
    Allergy tablets
    Cough syrup
    Diarrhoea medication
    Small first aid kit with extra bandaids
    Bug spray
    Bite/itch cream
    Hand sanitizer
    Antibacterial wipes
    Rubbish disposal bags (nappy bags would work)


    Toilet paper
    Make-up wipes
    Cleanser and moisturiser
    Wet wipes/body cleansing wipes
    Nail kit
    Lip balm
    Hair ties
    Bobby pins
    Shampoo and conditioner
    Body wash
    Volume mousse
    Toothbrush case


    Shoe inserts
    White tape
    Sticky tape
    Laundry bag
    Microfibre or quick dry towel
    Journal and pens
    Snacks (protein, energy bars)
    Sewing kit
    Washing detergent
    Card games
    Compression stockings
    Extra camera battery
    Extra SD card
    Double adapter or power board
    Phone charger
    Camera charger
    Spare camera
    Spare glasses
    Glasses cleaner
    Spare sunglasses
    Travel hair dryer
    Eye mask
    Ear plugs
    Neck pillow
    Money/travel pouch
    Pillow case
    Small day bag or backpack
    Large scarf or small blanket
    Zip lock bags
    Bottle opener
    Small torch and batteries
    Thongs/flip flops/sandals
    Budgeting book to keep track
    Fold-up flats to put in bag
    Luggage weight hook
    Travel clothes line
    Travel speakers
    iPad camera connection kit

    Hope this helps, as it’s helped me!

  • 21 Feb 2015 redleader said


    Hi Everyone, I went on my one and only Contiki trip AGES ago, but I still get notified on the replies to this thread so I thought I’d throw in my two cents since I’m still a semi-active traveler. One thing I have found very helpful, especially on a recent trip to Rome, is to compile a list of important addresses and phone numbers of the cities you’ll be staying in. Now, this might not be practical or even necessary, since Contiki trips are fast paced (you only get one or two days in each city) and there is a group leader to help you with things but I know some of you like to tack on a few extra days at the beginning and the end of a tour to travel on your own. Prior to going to Rome I had saved a phone number and address of the local English speaking hospital on my phone. Sure enough, my wife fell ill while we were there and I had their contact info handy and they even sent a doctor directly to our hotel room. This is just one of many benefits of having some local info and a general understanding of the area….before you arrive.

  • 7 Apr 2015 JoeH. said


    Another great resource that I’ve found helpful when planning or getting organized for an upcoming trip is Auto Europe’s international packing list which includes printer-friendly PDFs you can keep handy while you’re getting organized so you don’t forget anything. Hope this is helpful to other travelers: Auto Europe Packing List

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