European experience May 27th or 28th

4 Apr 2013 Kryssy asked


Hey is anyone thinking of
going solo on this trip? I'm seriously considering going solo but really nervous about it (first time traveling alone and first contiki tour) . I'm tired of waiting on friends who say there going to go but always bail, I'm ready to get out there and travel the world!!!

  • 5 Apr 2013 Rhys Halliwell said

    Rhys Halliwell

    Wouldn’t be too stressed about going solo. They say about 75% of travellers are going alone. I’m in the same boat. All my friends are either broke or they have families to look after so I’ll be travelling by myself. I’m doing the european highlights starting on the 27th of may. So I won’t be on the same trip as you but we will be at the same locations for the first few days. Might see you around.



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