22 day camping questions - i have just returned - please ask away

2 Jul 2007 darthilicious said

hi, i have just returned from 22 day camping - 5 th june<BR><BR>i had a great time, and i would be happy to help anyone else with any questions you may have before your trip, so please ask as much as you like and i will try and help
  • 14 Jul 2009 Explorer1142660 said


    im stopping in amsterdam, seems like it makes sense to me

  • 16 Oct 2009 Explorer1154033 said



    I am doing the 22 Day camping trip end of May 2010, in reading this forum there is a lot of info. on not having enough time. I was wondering if someone could give me a rough idea of how many hours you get in each city and the structuring of the day as in what time you do breakfast, free time, travel time i.e on the bus.

  • 17 Oct 2009 Mick said


    On days when we packed up camp to go to another town, i got up at 6, packed my tent and bag, had breakfast at 7 and packed the coach ready for a 7.30 departure. Was one of the coach packers on our tour. Was fun doing that.
    As you go, you get better and quicker at packing up your tent and bag. The quicker you are, the more you can sleep in.
    When we stayed in the same town, we got up at different times depending on what activities were going to be done that day. Average wake up time on those days was 7 or 8.
    On some days, you could spend most of it travelling on the bus. Leave around 7.30 and get to the destination in the afternoon. The bus does stop once or twice for everyone to stretch their legs, go to the toilet, get some food. While on the bus, it’s a good time to chat, catch up on sleep, update your travel journal if you choose to keep one.
    Some towns you stop at, you can have a entire day to look around. It depends on what optional extras you do and what spare time you have after them.

  • 6 May 2010 Alycea said


    Thanks so much to darthilicious!
    Your posts have been AMAZINGLY helpful!

  • 15 Mar 2011 tina.marie said


    I’ve been in search of a thread exactly like this!!
    Ok.. so at the risk of sounding ridiculous I have to ask… is there any point in bringing a blow-dryer on a camping tour?? yeah yeah, I know. We’ll all be up really early and I likely won’t be doing my hair buuuut for those nights that we chose to go visit the clubs or dinner or some of the optionals that might be dressier I’d like to do myself up if I can?? haha I know I know.. it’s the girl in me.

    Anyway, if theres no opportunity for something like that then I won’t waste the space in my luggage :)


  • 15 Mar 2011 ClaudzM said


    oh well your contiki trip sounded amazing ! im doing a camping tour in Sep …

    any advise on what to wtch out for?
    How much $ shold i take? EURO?

  • 15 Mar 2011 planetbyron said


    Tina: It was funny seeing all the girls doing their hair before we went out, so yes, do take your hairdryer! If not, you can always bet on the fact that other girls will most likely take theirs so you can always ask to use theirs.

    ClaudzM: If you wanna be tight = 50 euro a day, if you wanna be realistic 75-100 euro a day, cos you gotta have money for souvenirs, most lunches (which arent provided), entry fees to some museums, and when going out (for drinks, unless youre great at getting guys to buy you drinks). Drinks range from bar prices = up to 5 euros a drink, unles you buy from supermarket and get wasted beforehand, in which case you can buy cheap wine for under 5 euros a bottle. Then you gotta consider the extra activities from contiki like George’s Boat in Corfu (Greece) or Special dinners, etc.

    Biggest tip, bring a powerboard for charging your stuff on the bus…and also make a list of people waiting to charge their stuff. This beats sharing 2 power points for 40+ people!

    fb me = byron espedido

  • 15 Mar 2011 Linds said


    Wow, Ive read nearly all the messages , there is some amazing camping adive, thanks so much. Im a South African, venturing to europe for for a camping trip, on the 17th August. very very excied!!!! ill be asking questions as soon as i think of them :)

  • 15 Mar 2011 darthilicious said


    hey my friends, thank you all very much for making this the most viewed thread. I have had trouble getting on here to leave messages but it looks like thats been fixed now. I will let others answer the questions now as i went quite a few years ago and some of my information might be out of date. Please keep leaving messages though as its nice to hear from you all. I wish you all a pleasent and safe trip. x

  • 15 Mar 2011 ClaudzM said


    Hey bryon wow some good advise on the $ department will do … i actually had a budget of 200Eur a day hahaha…i will keep that in mind though..yes ive read some of the comments and i must say you should apply for a job @ Contiki … lol… will add you on FB soon :)

    oh yeah wt were the tents like?

  • 16 Mar 2011 CatherineOz said


    Just so you know, power boards can’t be used on the bus. IOur tour manager told us it couldn’t cope with the extra power of a power board being plugged in with multiple things plugged into it. Though it certainly isn’t a bad idea to take one and use it at the camp sites, keeping in mind that you should never leave anything unattended that is charging at a campsite. That is when stuff got stolen on our trip.
    Also remember on the driving days you won’t need to budget 75-100 euro (though this is a good budget range for non-driving days, as it will allow you a bit more freedom with what you spend your money on).
    i did the 21 camping tour about 2.5 years ago and it was great fun, there was a great group of people on our tour and we were lucky enough to have an awesome tour manager, cook, AND driver.

    The tents are fine. Only enough room for your bag, and your lilo/air bed, and of course your tent mates bag and air bed. With about a foot or so in between the beds. Please pay attention when they are showing you how to put the tents up. As on our second night it poured with rain all night, and I was in one of only two tents that didn’t get soaked to some degree because the tent wasn’t erected properly. Some people had the whole bags soaked, cameras wrecked etc. If you put it up correctly, it will be fine. and don’t forget to lock your tent when there isn’t anyone in it. At one campsites I caught one of the children who lived there going into peoples tents, and soome peopel discovered that some of their things had been rifled through-though nothing stolen thankfully.

    Hope this helps :)

  • 16 Mar 2011 planetbyron said


    Maybe some tour managers ban the use of powerboards, but ours allowed it, as long it has no more than 4 points. you may as well take one, and like Catherine said, it’d be handy anyway for charging at the campsites (i always asked reception or the tour manager if they could charge my stuff in their rooms)

    With the tents…they suck! Unless theyve changed it (i went in june 2009). Add me on facebook if you wanna see pics of the tents (including some of the damaged ones lol). Best bet is to bring some thin garbage bags, so you can separate your clothes into “compartments” while minimising chances of them getting wet. And also for your shoes so u can leave em on the outside of your tent while sleeping and not get them wet in case it rains overnight.

    Also, bring at least 2 pegs + a small pouch thingy. This is so you can put your camera and phone in it, and peg it on the inside of the tent so its not on the floor!

    And yes, bring some locks for the tent and your luggage! But buy the small combination locks so you dont have to worry about losing keys, and buy them small so they actually fit in the hole of the zipper thingy!

  • 16 Mar 2011 ClaudzM said


    Thanks guys for the tips and advise. .. i will be sure to have a look at your pics Bryon…will make sure that our tent is put up proply then…yeah by lookng at the brochure and some pics the tents look pretty small so i mght hve to recnsider my suitcase size hahahah…bt good advise on the plastic bags and that noted in my notebook of things to take hahahah

  • 27 Mar 2011 Jessica said


    I am 21 and thinking about doing the litle hopper tour in may, i was wondering how hard it was to meet everyone at the “meeting place” and how was the camping experience. i also wanted to know if there were many younger people on the trip.

  • 27 Mar 2011 ClaudzM said


    hey explorer1241102 oh im doing the same tour but in Sep should be lots of fun by the sounds of everyones comments…

  • 28 Mar 2011 Jessica said


    cluadzM have you booked your tour yet? what type of informtaion did they provide , do you get to see who has all booked the tour

  • 28 Mar 2011 ClaudzM said


    yeah ive booked it already…most of the details you will need to know about the tour is on the website under “Little Hopper Camping” my documents hvnt been sent out yet as still a fare bit away SEP hahahah…are you thinking of doing the same tour?

  • 28 Mar 2011 Jessica said


    yes i am thinking about doing the same tour but i am looking at doing it in may

  • 29 Mar 2011 Linds said


    Hi planet byron.
    Ive read your comment about how much money you should budget per day. does that 50-100 euro’s include your spending money, food money, optional activities and drinking money? Did you spend a lot of money on booze? Im on a seriously tight budget unfortunately.
    Thanks so much.

  • 30 Mar 2011 planetbyron said


    Hi Linds..yep, the 50-100 euros a day includes all extras as you asked. But if youre on a seriously tight budget, then u should still get away with 50 euro a day ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. And yes, i spent heaps on drinking! But u know what? bottles of wine in france are like 2-5 euros! but drinks at clubs are 7 euros. Most of the drinks we bought were from supermarkets, so theyre not that much (2-10 euro) for a 750ml bottle of alcohol. you only need money for food thats not included in tour (you will need to pay for most of your lunches, and maybe half the dinners, at 5-10 euros a meal). Then u need money for some museums if u wanna see em. then it comes down to optional activities, which you shouldnt EVER MISS!
    Consider this Budget for a day in paris:
    Breakfast: free
    Eiffel Tower admission: 13 euro
    Lunch: 8 euro
    Louvre: 10 euro
    Souvenirs: 5-10euro
    Dinner: FREE
    Drinks at night: bottle of OKish french wine: 5euro
    TOTAL: 41-46 euro

    If youre doing the camping tour, you can look it up online, then you can see how much each of the optional excursions will cost: e.g for the 46 Big Chill camping tour:

    good luck!



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