22 day camping questions - i have just returned - please ask away

2 Jul 2007 darthilicious said

hi, i have just returned from 22 day camping - 5 th june<BR><BR>i had a great time, and i would be happy to help anyone else with any questions you may have before your trip, so please ask as much as you like and i will try and help
  • 25 Mar 2008 TJ said


    absolute bloody legend

    this thread has evolved into my camping trip bible and darthilicious into the messiah

    the travelling tips? fantasmic
    the washing tips? inspirational
    my excitment? immeasurable


  • 25 Mar 2008 ~ * Claire * ~ said

    ~ * Claire * ~

    Haha yes I am quite small…so maybe I could stand up in them lol. Can’t wait, i’ve caught the travelling bug and I haven’t even left british soil – looking at trips for next year! This board is so useful, thanks. No more questions atm, but i’m sure I will think of some between now and august. Claire

  • 26 Mar 2008 darthilicious said


    hi tj, thanks for your comments

    im glad i have been of some help, its comments like yours which make me glad i came on after my trip to help with all those pre travel questions, which i know i had a lot of before i went.

    thanks again, and keep these messages coming

  • 26 Mar 2008 darthilicious said


    thanks claire, book up as soon as possible, as you will have a great time……

    nice to see a welsh girl in my thread, your my first from the uk, lol

  • 27 Mar 2008 ~ * Claire * ~ said

    ~ * Claire * ~

    First! No way! I’m actually English – come from near London,at Cardiff University so I a fake welshey! lol

  • 3 Apr 2008 AnastaciaBeaverhoussen said


    Darth, I’m going on contiki at the end of April (but leaving Australia in 4 days!) and I still have delimas about a sleeping bag. I have no room in my bag for it. Do you think I can get away with a sheet of some sort and one of the aluminum blankets? Any idea of how cold will it actually be?

    thanks as always

  • 5 Apr 2008 darthilicious said


    i would reccomend taking a sleeping bag, you never can tell what the weather is like in europe, but its still very early for it to get warm.
    you should have no problem picking one up in london.

    have a great safe trip…

  • 6 Apr 2008 Megz said


    Hey Darth, I wanna say what an awesome thread, i’m going on the 21 day camping tour departing september 10th. I had so many questions about the tour but after reading your thread, I think they all have been answered. I feel much more at ease after reading this as you have explained everything I needed to know. I’m so excited to be going to Europe, yay!!

  • 8 Apr 2008 darthilicious said


    hey megz, thanks for saying that – im glad i could help. so, not too long till september then. you will have a great time.

    wish i was going again

  • 13 Apr 2008 DarkoD said



    I’m going on the 32 day Camping tour and was wondering how strict Contiki are with the camping baggage, I know that the 20kg is enforced but what about the baggage dimensions:

    70cm x 45cm x 23cm

    Can it be slightly bigger..just having trouble finding an exact match


  • 13 Apr 2008 IrishJoe said


    All this info is priceless. Great work! It has really helped me decide on doing a camping trip sometime in August ‘08.

    Were the people on tour mostly from Australia And the U.S? I’m from Ireland myself and travelling alone so i hope to meet loads of different people and have some fun!!!

  • 15 Apr 2008 darthilicious said


    hi darko, it should be ok as i had the same problem and my bag was much bigger than dimensions. as long as your within weight limits you should be ok. THEY WILL WEIGH YOUR BAG THOUGH.

    when i went you was allowed to have your sleeping bag seperate to your main baggage

  • 15 Apr 2008 darthilicious said


    hey irish joe, glad i could help..

    you are going to meet so many new people, not just from america and australia, but from all over. south africa, wales and canada may also get a look in. but you are in for a great time whatever..

    thanks for taking the time to check out my thread, any other questions?

  • 15 Apr 2008 Lili214 said


    thank you so much for all of your advice everyone. im going on the 46 day camping on may 27 and was wondering all of these questions!!

  • 28 Apr 2008 Em6011 said


    Just wondering if the tents are big enough to fit 2 suitcases as well as the 2 beds? Also is there an iron in any of the camp laundries? Whilst travelling around, how do you transfer your photos on your camera to the computers at the internet cafes? i.e. do you take your camera cable to connect it to the PC or do you put them on a CD at a photo shop? And lastly, how strict are the nightclubs/bars with the male dress code- do you have to have a colored shirt or can you get in in a t-shirt?

  • 9 May 2008 darthilicious said


    hey, yeah the tent will hold 2 people and 2 suitcases standing up, when u get something out you will need to put it on airbed. most campsites had an iron and board, although finding time to iron is another story. lol
    im not quite sure about the digi camera, although i would imagaine just the memory card will do. but im not certain – sorry
    and as far as i remember t shirts should be fine for clubs, but i would reccomend taking at least 2 shirts. for group photo, monte carlo and if your going to vienna as well. hope i answered ur questions ok

  • 10 May 2008 Elektrikdude said


    Hey Darth, just wondering if there are driers at the camp sites? Or do we have to take a line of some sort to dry our clothes?

    Cheers in advance.

  • 13 May 2008 darthilicious said


    hi elektrik, yeah most sites have driers, although i would highly reccomend you take a line as you will need to hang your towel on something, and your not allwed to hang them on tents
    it will be worth you starting at the begining of my thread and working through
    it may take a little while, but will be worth your while

  • 15 May 2008 ~ * Claire * ~ said

    ~ * Claire * ~

    do most people take suitcases or back packs on tour? I saw that contiki suggest bp’s as suitcases are hard to move on grass, but someone said they dont like you taking them. CONFUSED!
    also i am going to sound like a right girl now…is there plugs in the bathrooms for hair straighteners? There was also talk that they wont work proberly cos of different wattage

  • 15 May 2008 darthilicious said


    hi claire
    most people took bags or back packs, but there were a few cases

    and yes, there are plugs in bathrooms, but i would take an adaptor



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