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16 Jul 2010 Bek said

Hi,<BR><BR>I'm having some trouble accessing the Perks section of the website. I have booked, fully paid for, and checked in online for a tour departing in December, but I can't seem to register for Perks. The registration page recognises my booking number, but once I've put my details in and pressed the button, all it does is reload the registration page. I have also tried putting my email address and password into the "sign in" part, but once again, all it does is reload the page that I was already looking at. Help would be appreciated!
  • 19 Jul 2010 Kate at Contiki said

    Kate at Contiki

    Hi Bek,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble logging into Perks. I’ve just sent you a private message. When you get a chance, could you please reply to it with the following information so that we can look into this & resolve asap?

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Booking id
    4. Page link that you were attempting to log in from


  • 9 Jan 2011 brookek said


    im having trouble registing. i have book and paid for the deposite. the problem is that its not regognising my booking number please help

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